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Lady H - Obedience & RewardLady H - Obedience & Reward

Lady H - Obedience & Reward


Product SKU: Lady H - Obedience & Reward

Ultimate obedience and reward assignment


Weak Mind and HARD Cock, this beta male experience is one you won’t soon forget My HORNY little sex slave. Ultimate Obedience and Reward is a multi-day femdom training assignment and hypno conditioning session concluding with an explosive demeaning orgasm. I will lead you DOWN the path that all submissive beta boys such as yourself must learn. Don’t worry, it’s degrading, erotic and will change your sexual experience for the rest of your existence. I promise it won’t be easy, as I tease and edge you again and again. You likely will fail your initial attempt to complete the assignment component of this experience, ultimately having to start over again. Hehehe…

Hmmmm…the thought of your submissive obedience makes ME wet with pleasure. Imagine 5 long days of tease and denial as you obey and edge, over and over. As your desire grows and your wiliness to please ME grows. It will be cum HARDER and HARDER not to give in to My wishes along with your mindless enslaved future as My sexual servant. Once successful in the 5-day assignment, a mind-blowing treat awaits as you experience 50+ minutes of demeaning hypnotic orgasmic rapture.

Ahh….the thought of what is to be cum of you my subject! Helpless, mindless and trained into the perfect sex slave. My darling, let go and allow Me to take grip of you, as you FALL further into my Lair. Be brave My darling, as you feel the freedom of My femdom enslavement. Give into My sexual candy, My little mindless servant and experience this ULTIMATE ASSINGMENT and Work Hard For Me so that you May receive your REWARD . Be cum the slave you were meant to be My darling.

WARNING: Proceed at your own risk, as this may push your traditional sexual limits, femdom degradation and change your masturbation practices to that of a true beta male.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
An Edgy and Hardcore week long assignment that will have you on your knees obediently following Lady Helena. The experience is well thought thru, creative and may push some of your limits although it is one that it absolutely loved. If you are series about Femdom and long to test how far you will go in obedience this is a most do assignment.
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