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LOC-TOBER - Week 4LOC-TOBER - Week 4

LOC-TOBER - Week 4


Product SKU: LOC-TOBER - Week 4


My HORNY pet, your keyholder/Domina, Proprietress of your mind, Owner of your body and Key Holder to your sex is PLEASED that you have made it to week 4 of My LOC-TOBER Chastity training.  Have you had an accident? Giggles!!!  What happens if I told you that if you had an accident during the month you would need to start over again (at day one)?  Who knows your evil keyholder might just have you do that.  Be careful, starting over could prove very challenging.

I know you are all sexed up and focused on making Me happy...focused on your true pleasures of submission to a POWERFUL woman...It feels so good, doesn't it?  Can you imagine living in permanent chastity?  Living everyday with the submissive pleasure of eternal chastity?  My fourth week will have you on the edge as you listen and sink deeper into the world of total surrender.

This week will put you to the test, driving you to explosive levels of excitement while requiring you to control yourself.  Imagine, unstoppable wave of pleasure.  My sweet, whatever doubts about CHASTITY that you ever had will evaporate with this POWERFUL yet mellowing session.

Will you make it to the end? the question.  Is your need to please and OBEY stronger than the desires that are swelling inside you?  Listen and experience a DEEPER sense of Psychological thrills of the power exchange between you and your Domina.

Note:  you should have successfully completed Weeks 1 thru 3 of LOC-TOBER before proceeding to listen to this file.

Week 4 assignment INCLUDED in download.

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Sunday, 05 January 2020
LoC-Tober was really a highlight of 2019! I hope there will be more of such creative training seasons in the future!!
Wednesday, 13 November 2019
i always knew i am her Chastity slave, but this Assignment really showed me how natural it became to me by now, forever hers :D And for everyone who hasn´t done this 4 Weeks yet, it´s never to late to experience it ^-^
Friday, 01 November 2019
The last week, and this file is making the last few days a blissful torture. Her Sweet voice, guiding me to levels of arousal i've never known before
Sunday, 27 October 2019
After 3 weeks of Domina Shelles wonderful Loc-Tober chastity, all I can seem to think about is my insatiable desire to please my keyholder and absolute authority Domina Shelle *heart*. I am aroused nearly constantly with a deep addiction to serving and obeying Domina... Obedience to Domina Shelle is an unmatched pleasure! This week's file is the perfect last week file for Loc-Tober to test which is stronger, your desire to obey or your desire to release...
Friday, 25 October 2019
"Btw, am i the only who would be willing to try that spiked chastity cage in the picture?” - No, you are not the only one my brother! i feel extremely aroused when knowing i am not the only one that Domina owns. There are so many others, i am just one of many who are owned and controlled by Domina!
Friday, 25 October 2019
It's is the start of last week of Loc-tober and i'm still loving being in chastity for My Domina. Wanting to please Domina Shelle so badly. i feel like chastity has made me even more submissive. Btw, am i the only who would be willing to try that spiked chastity cage in the picture?
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