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Lost In ParadiseLost In Paradise

Lost In Paradise


Product SKU: Lost In Paradise

Feel the full effect and power of My voice as you enter My paradise...

Session Length: 39 minutes
Level: Strong
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Manipulation
Sample: LINK

Feel the full effect and power of My voice as you enter My paradise...I will bring you peace, serenity, relaxation and the truest feeling of perfect hypnotic submission, as you enter a paradise that I have created just for you.

Listen and feel your mind drift away with your Princess-Domina Shelle...I am your Domina, I will take special care of your subconscious mind while you sleep***GIGGLES***

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Tuesday, 18 April 2023
A must listen for anyone wishing to become incredibly relaxed, entranced, and inducted, then unexpectedly enslaved completely by Domina Shelles blissful Voice and have their lifes purpose and destiny be realized fully. “Princess Shelle”, the induction in this masterpiece i don’t know if I could even confidently say is truly an induction, it’s so much more powerful than that, and I’m all the weaker for it. The induction creates a paradise for Domina to enslave Her property completely, the conscious and subconscious stand no chance after the first few seconds of this file chipping away sensually at any remaining resistance to binding all remaining free will to Princess Shelles Power. The more i Obey and listen to this recording every day, the deeper i am enslaved to my Domina Shelle?
Wednesday, 30 March 2016
Sunday, 08 March 2015
Princess Shelle took me deep into a so relaxing trance that i did awake after the third time while the file was set to loop. Now i'm craving to go back there to spend time with my beloved Domina. i need to obey Her every command and fulfill Her every desire. After listening i feel so much closer to Her. It is my destiny to be Her submissive slave forever. i think this file is good for anyone but especially for those who are still uncertain about there role under our superior Mistress. For me it was a perfect refreshing of my brainwashing program so far. Thank You my Domina for leading me into this paradise where i may serve You.
Tuesday, 28 January 2014
Princess Shelle takes you on a journey to a beautiful tropical island. Here you will be lost, until you find your Domina and then she will lead you to your true paradise, worshiping only her.
Monday, 28 October 2013
The title is so will be LOST in Princess' words. Which are paradise, of course. Princess paints such a beautiful, relaxing picture of a tropical beach...and seduces you with Her relaxation into truly BEING there. Submerged in the relaxing scenery. You will sleep for Her, and it will feel so good that You will not want it to end. I recommend that you set your player to LOOP and just LET GO....If/when you wake up, the only thing that will be in your mind is PRINCESS SHELLE, PRINCESS SHELLE, PRINCESS SHELLE
Sunday, 30 June 2013
i remember being led to warm sand like sugar my Domina in a sarong with a warm sunset pattern, It clung to Her lips tighter than the rings of Saturn. It gave definition to Her every subtle shape, And i had to ask, “Am i dreaming or awake?” The lovely cloth that held Her,it danced & it flew... A dress doesn’t have legs, because You,my Goddess, DO! As i write, i dream on, i remember more and i rhyme, Yet still my reason swoons, with Her words so sublime. Her cheek’s soft light, the crimson of Her lips, The grace of Her legs, the rock of Her hips ... Yet, on my soul She imprinted, as She passed Her words so seductive, leaving my mind spellcast. i gaze on Her legs and their satin skin ... All i know is that to serve them is no crime, is no sin! See how it She glows, a soft milky amber ... Have i seen any legs longer, better, tanner? i ask “Can a Woman have such seductiveness? i remember listening to Her words while lying there, And in them Her Truth woke my soul to bless Just Her & Only Her, as the rest She stripped bare. In Her brevity, whenever She to me replied, She seemed enchanting youth personified. “I own you,” She whispered, “Forever and today. But you, meanwhile, may pass the sweet hours away And breathe My aura to your heart’s content, And nurse the thought of your slavery & enravishment.” Oh, Dear Domina, Your memory steals upon my heart; Compelling me to please You, and NEVER to part. i’ve never seen, i know, such Perfection in all mankind Within Your Body’s temple ALL of Heaven is enshrined. i only can wait,dreaming of your skillful,guiding hand Resting away my will, while i rest on the sand. - slave billy
Thursday, 16 May 2013
Hmmmmm... this one is sooooooo incredible relaxing i want to listen again and again and never wake up from it. Princess Shelle takes me so deep with this one i just find myself drifting, floating away on Her voice with not a care in the world anymore. This is Paradise indeed.. no better place to be. All i remember is a nice soothing warm beach, after that my mind got lost in Her voice completely. To bad i have daily things to take care of, i rather would go down relaxing with this file again, but later today.. and tomorrow.. and day after.. and...
Wednesday, 28 March 2012
i can't remember a lot, you will fall to Princess more by this file, all what i want to say now that i swear its true, i Love Princess Shelle my Domina more than anything now
Wednesday, 25 January 2012
Another excellent file from Domina Shelle that a good pet will keep listening to. Enslavement to a dungeon? No. A total surrender of our will to Domina Shelle is the only way to true happiness and satisfaction. This file makes it clear. A gate to paradise opens once we have our wrong ideas corrected by Domina Shelle.
Tuesday, 24 January 2012
I use the word perfect in relation to Domina Shelle's recordings so much that i'm in search of a new simile for it that does Her work justice. I will not use the word here. Sometimes during a session it seems like Domina has read my mind and wants to reinforce and secure the thoughts and feelings i already have. This feeling has never been more powerful than with Lost in Paradise. While the entire file is a supremely relaxing experience that will leave you floating on a cloud after (if?) you choose to wake, the brainwashing section of the file will leave absolutely NO doubt about your feelings towards your Domina.
Tuesday, 24 January 2012
This masterpiece is one of Princess Domina's most wickedly seductive recordings. Just like everything in life...nothing is free. There is a price for paradise but you know it is worth it...such a small price to pay for paradise!! i think you will agree but you will have to find out for yourself!
Sunday, 22 January 2012
My one way ticket to Heaven. i worship and adore Princess Shelle, my Owner, my Domina. Perhaps i have been influenced by ideas suggested to me after being lulled into the deepest possible state of relaxation by the sweetest voice i know... i listened to this five times and it's only a day old. Or maybe i just want to serve and please Princess Shelle more than ever because i just love Her more than ever. With this session i feel submission to my Domina as a mental and physical state of grace. i tore up the return ticket. i want to stay lost in Paradise.
Saturday, 21 January 2012
The amazing and wonderful Princess Shelle, your Domina, has released a lovely and brilliant file, that you will use all the time, to cement and cofirm your enslavement to Her. This one feels like it is cementing the foundation for your future, a future of even deeper complete enslavement to your Princess, to Princess Shelle, your Domina, for always. Yes Princess Domina, always xxx
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