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Master TriggersMaster Triggers

Master Triggers


Product SKU: Master Triggers

Triggers DEEPLY IMPLANTED. I will train you, this will become a REGULAR part of your training course...

Level: POWERFUL (and VERY important---must listen)
Length: 58 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Inductions-Triggers--Erotic Hypnosis
Sample: LINK


This mp3 is for EVERYONE---Very effective ESPECIALLY for those who have listened to My mp3's in the past.  Bound to Me FOREVER and ALWAYS!  Bound in SUBMISSION and OBEDIENCE.

Obedience is PLEASURE!  In COMPLETE submission and obedience....I will train you, this will become a REGULAR part of your training course....I can't make you buy this mp3, ALTHOUGH you know that I know what's best for you.  Get the mp3 NOW!  Be perfected!!!!  Allow MY voice to be permanent and COMPLETE in your mind.

This is part of your training MUST listen 3 times the first week....then at LEAST 1 time a month EVERY month.

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Friday, 15 May 2020
Master Triggers was my 3rd or 4th assignment from my Domina. She had me listen to this for 7 days. In this file Domina places triggers in your mind that she will use to stimulate (c you. I have to say it does works. When I hear other files that use the trigger words, I act on them without thought and without question. I love her control over me. You will love listening to this file. You will love having her in your mind helping you a long throughout the day. I can't wait to listen to it again.
Tuesday, 15 August 2017
This is an important training to reinforce all the triggers that Domina Shelle has implanted inside my brain, whether i remember them or not...
There's no need to write much more, it's a perfect training tool with a high repetition-value and will increase the effectiveness of all the other files, too.
Saturday, 12 August 2017
Euphoric! Blissful! Those are the words that come to mind after listening to this session. Yes, my Domina has planted some wonderful triggers inside my mind, and it doesn't matter what they are, because if they feel this good, She can plant as many as She likes. I love this woman! She knows what we need.
Monday, 22 August 2016
This Training File, whenever i listen to it, i don´t really know what exactly is happening, all i know is that i listen, obey and make sure that her commands always stay deep and well i guess that´s also all i need to know lol
Monday, 22 June 2015
This trance is a refresher and reinforcement course of Princess Shelle's triggers. After taking you deeply down with her enchanting voice she implants and reinforces some of her triggers and suggestions. You will definitely want to hear this file. Thankyou for this file Princess Shelle.
Tuesday, 09 December 2014
As with every one one of Domina Shelles files, I love this one. I'm still rather new to Her, but I want so much to be Her good boy, and this is a major step in that direction. I've looped this one while I sleep and it seems to make the effect even more intense. Domina takes me so deep in this one, I don't want it to end.
Thursday, 06 November 2014
This is a mindblowing, awesome file!!! I wene down so easy and so fast ! A must have für all followers of princess shelle
Saturday, 13 September 2014
Reinforces Domina Shelle's most common triggers that everyone should learn. Leaves you wanting to hear more and more of her sexy voice.
Thursday, 11 September 2014
To me, this is a training file, which made me realize just how deep my longing has been to be owned by Domina Shelle. Feeling it, completely, has fulfilled my life and makes me want to proclaim my devotion to Domina.
Friday, 11 July 2014
This is a good relaxing reinforcement of Shelle's triggers. While looping it at night it lulled me into a deep relaxing sleep. The fact that i don't recognize all triggers encourages me to catch up with the files that have these "missing" triggers inside.
Sunday, 15 December 2013
Great file to reinforce all of the most common triggers used by Princess in Her other files. I can't wait to loop this one over night as it has no awakener and a great induction.
Monday, 06 May 2013
One of Princess' building blocks, training you with triggers you will hear in her other files. And this recording takes me so deep, its hard not to listen again.
Wednesday, 23 January 2013
Get this file it is a piece of heaven princess Shelle,owns me and,I will join her farm
Monday, 10 September 2012
This recording reinforces many of the triggers from other recordings - and it definitely succeeds at that! I woke up in a complete daze and amazed at how powerful Princess Shelle's words have become.
Sunday, 02 September 2012
This was the very first file I listened to from Princess Shelle. And I was astonished by the fact that even after the first listening, I was surely reacting to her commands. This file as well as a wonderful chat with Princess Shelle somehow turned a switch in me, wanting to get more and more controlled of her, because it makes me happy.
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