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Mind Absorption | Shelle RiversMind Absorption | Shelle Rivers

Mind Absorption


Product SKU: Mind Absorption

Timeless Brainwashing--Into a MINDLESS FOG.

Session: 42 minutes
Level: Strong
Category: Brainwashing-Erotic

Come a little closer, just a little bit closer...that's it.  Can you feel My breath against your ear now?... Listen to My sweet whispers as you become MINDLESS and EMPTY.
An INSANELY POWERFUL BRAINWASHING trance...leaving you completely open and suggestible to My words.  your mind absorbed and transformed...Feel the ultimate sacrifice, place yourself in the hands of your Domina.... MINDLESS and helpless.

So, put on your headphones and let Me slip and slide even deeper inside...yes, deeper than before.

I used a new plugin that enhances vocal clarity and there are 3D effects throughout.

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Friday, 27 January 2023
Domina knows just what I need, just when I need it.
Sunday, 03 January 2021
i love a file where i wake up in a puddle. i loved how it started. Domina telling me to get closer and closer to Her. I recall doing a count down from 100. i don't think i got very far. This file is something dreams are made of. Domina will certainly take you in this file. Take you way down deep into trance. you truly are mindless through out this file. What a wonderful state of mind to be in. i love being mindless and owned by Domina.
Sunday, 03 January 2021
Even before experiencing the joyride provided by this file, Princess was already constantly in my thoughts, now i am absolutely certain that She will never leave them. As She gently talks, and proceeds with the induction, i can feel everything else just rapidly fades away, and i lose myself completely. As She takes me down, i know that She tells me to count down from 100, picturing the numbers to be in two different colours. On my best attempt at self control, i made it as far as 92, most times, it seems i can't even recall what, only seconds before, She has said regarding the colours... "Numbers? What are they?" Zonk, i'm gone. When She says that this will leave the listener in a mindless and helpless state, i cannot find myself disagreeing in the slightest. What She does to my mind whilst She has me under, i have no clue, but i do know that every time i rouse, i feel completely content to just lay there floating in a truly blissful post hypnotic haze, and i want to experience it again and again. i know that i will likely never remember what She does to my mind during this file, but i am completely beyond caring about that. What i do know is that this file leaves me feeling so much more intent on surrendering to Her even more... If i hadn't have already been completely enslaved to Her will, i know for certain that this one would solve that problem once and for all.
Thursday, 16 April 2020
When I woke up from this beautiful trance I still felt dazed and fuzzy-headed but at the same time so-- CONTENT and HAPPY. I caught myself smiling from ear to ear. That same smile that forms when I feel my Domina's breath-- as her sweet whispers slip into my ears. I remember that she had me count backwards from 100 and-- somehow it felt like I have done it the same way before. I kinda knew what was about to happen but-- I couldn't stop myself anymore. I tried to concentrate on counting and the colors as good as possible, but the breaks between the numbers got longer and longer as Domina's seducing voice echoed through my head. I can't tell If I made it to zero or how far I have come at all-- I can't even tell how much time had passed when I she had me-- unable to form my own thoughts-- becoming more and more MINDLESS and EMPTY. Completely OPEN and SUGGESTIBLE to her words. ALL of her words with nothing else existing in my mind anymore. Everything else was just gone-- REPLACED by my Princess' words and thoughts that had already become my own. Her EVERY word being the TRUTH. MY truth-- I WANTED this to happen-- and slid even DEEPER into trance. Deeper than before. So-- aroused and with a growing love for my Domina Shelle. A growing NEED to be completely in her hands. MINDLESS and HELPLESS all the time-- my Mind ABSORBED and TRANSFORMED into what She wants. YES! This IS and will ALWAYS be a natural part of me. I LISTEN and OBEY--I TRUST my Domina-- I LOVE my Domina and-- listening to this magical Session again and again for her.
Saturday, 23 September 2017
It is part of my basic training: similar to Hypnotized it enhances pleasure and arousal in hypnosis, love, trust, and obedience. Great file for beginners and advanced. i love to come back to it for regular and repeated listening although i never reached 86 while counting.
Wednesday, 01 April 2015
This is a magical file. I don't know what it is about it because my recollection of what happened is sketchy. But since I listened to it a few days ago, I have been constantly excited. At night, I am having erotic dreams about Domina Shelle. It feels like a love spell is cast over me. I cannot get enough of this file or Domina Shelle.
Monday, 30 March 2015
Have you ever wished yourself to get rid of all these disturbing thoughts inside your head who only distract you from Your Domina Shelle? If so, then this file should be perfect for you. There will only be Her arousing voice inside your mind. For me i felt like being powered down. With every word She whispered into my ear, it became harder for me to form my own thoughts. Until there was only Her on my mind. i was completely mindless for Her which is pretty arousing as there is no thought of mine whatsoever distracting me from Her. Only Her seducing voice swirling through my head and Her sexy image arousing my whole body. i am totally addicted by my Domina, craving to be in this mindless state all the time. Thank You my Domina for cleansing my mind with this file.
Saturday, 06 December 2014
As my Domina Shelle reprograms that object in your head called the brain .Something nice happen to you slave you loose it to your Domina Shelle . That is one sweet moment of this trance than there programed getting Domina Shelle voice there in your mind .With every new thing Domina Shelle program that mind the deep you go ,sweet deal. Oaky sound to good to be true yes you loose your mind to Domina Shelle , win her voice there you and she There in as picture of LOVE and get deeper into movement and deeper with each programed which increase your pleasure and with pleasure us slave get horny and deeper we go. Who knows getting brain washing could be so mush fun only Domina Shelled know .you want list again and again because good for you to loose your mind to Domina Shelle
Monday, 24 March 2014
Wow what can I say this file is like a black hole your mind just get sucked empty by Domina and then she creat
Wednesday, 19 March 2014
Like a mysterious, beautiful woman you meet at a social event, she'll approach you in this file; her soft, lilting voice easily slipping through your ears and into your mind. Her words, soft and alluring, will possess and claim everything they touch there: listen for a single minute, and she'll have you; you will be completely unable to turn away. She'll speak, and you'll smell her arousing scent, feel her gentle, sensuous touch, see her incredible beauty standing before you. She'll whisper to you, speak softly and with mesmerizing echo and soon enough nothing else will exist in your mind but her wonderful words. Binaural beats will sound in the distance but if you're caught in her seductive web at that point, then you're already deep into a wonderful, sensual trance and lost to her completely. She will empty your mind with that intoxicating voice and, soon enough, nothing will remain but her words and thoughts, now your words and thoughts. The sound of them will wipe away every trace of your mind and replace it with mad, rapturous lust and desire. She will speak to you with words, but you will respond with mindless desire and pleasure. Hear this all the way through trance, and you will listen to it often: becoming more and more hers each time. The title of this says it all: Princess Shelle will absorb your mind, make it her own, and in your desperation to belong to her, you will submit gladly and happily to every whim and command she gives you, just to keep her words fresh in your mind. Surrender to her spell in this file, and you will hear her words whispering to you, guiding you, commanding you, even when you're not in trance, all the time: day or night, sleep or awake, work or play...
Saturday, 01 March 2014
This made me go really deep. It was like my mind disappeared and Domina's word became my whole world. It's now been several hours since I listened this and I'm still amazed how powerful it was. If you want to experience a deep trance and empty mind, get this one.
Friday, 07 February 2014
.... I couldn't think at all after this my mind became empty and blank ....I don't have clue what it was about but if I did im sure it would be Phenominale Princess Shelle is fantastic the way she can turn your mind into complete mush
Monday, 20 January 2014
Possibly one of the best trances that I had. Expect a high quality file, full of sound effects. Your mind will enter in a spiral of new meaning for a lot of words, and surely this process will redefine your way of thinking and how do you interpret these words. Leave this playing all night and in the morning you will surely need some time to put yourself together. In the end you will be totally transformed and absorbed by Domina's words.
Saturday, 18 January 2014
Well.. okay.. dunno what happened really.. but it felt Awesome.. god.. i feel so totally owned by Domina..
Saturday, 18 January 2014
As usual a masterpiece of mindless arousal ! All I can remember is loosing it, feeling so empty and so much pleasure knowing that my Domina owns me. And indeed it took me quite a while to shack off the after effects, still feeling pleasure right now as I know I am pleasing my Domina by reviewing her wonderful work ! Oh thank You for taking control of me, Princess !
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