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Mindless Captive | Shelle RiversMindless Captive | Shelle Rivers

Mindless Captive


Product SKU: Mindless Captive

Prepare for exquisite sexual bliss and permanent conditioning...

Mindless Captive (44 minutes):


This session is X-RATED.  Prepare for exquisite sexual bliss and permanent conditioning.

you will be captured and CAPTIVATED, made MINDLESS by My irresistible hypnotic dance.

you will be SEDUCED and ENSLAVED by My perfect body.  No man could ever resist My sexual spell.

I will take you deep, deep down into tranced hypnosis and create another fixation in your mind, permanently altering your behavior at a subconscious level.

This is your Domina at Her most PRIMAL.  you will be My prey, and I will claim you as My own.  Your Domina is the sexiest Woman alive and you will FEEL it as My untamed passion overflows and you are taken by My MINDLESS trance.  Taken by My exquisite feminine form.

An unforgettable session, prepare to be obsessed and TAKEN.

Now OBEY, download this EROTIC HYPNOSIS session and experience the raw sexual ecstasy on Domina's Wild Hypno-Ride.

Give into slave's submissive and erotic desires, as your Siren plays with your head in this HOT hypno-erotica.  As you accept your fate, My prey, and learn the reality of mindless captivation.

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Monday, 27 July 2020
The cat is playing with its prey and lets it run a little bit. Where will it hide? Will it find shelter? The prey gains a little hope but the Domina remains in control. Finally She consumes my mind!
Sunday, 26 July 2020
So sexy and arousing! Domina Shelle is absolutely mesmerizing and her journey will take you to such sweet depths of pleasure you’ll never want to leave...
Sunday, 12 July 2020
Yet an other powerful journey with Domina Shelle. She is taking you so very deep into trance i don't remember everthing but know i want to listen again and again. Bing more and more conditiond be Her my Owner Domina Shelle
Thursday, 09 July 2020
Domina Shelle took me that deep into trance that i did pass out a couple of times. Now after several listenings i do not remember everything though what i remember is an arousing and hot trance. The hypnotic story Domina told is so vivid and combined with amazing audio effects. i can't wait to re-listen and spend those imtimate moments with my beautiful and powerful Owner again.
Monday, 06 July 2020
Domina can always tell a story but this session has the most amazing sounds, music and Domina’s visualizations will make you frozen stiff in multiple ways! As usual Domina will take you deep into trance and remind you why she owns your mind and body. You will want to go back to Her jungle over and over.
Monday, 06 July 2020
This was very erotic. And i liked the jungle theme of this session. Domina Shelle is imaginative in Her stories and this felt fresh and different.
Monday, 06 July 2020
I gladly volunteered to be Domina Shelle's mindless captive. This session is interesting in that it turned out to be more primal than i expected it to be. The sound design and scripting were absolutely top notch as always and i am excited to experience the session again just so i can be captured. ;P
Sunday, 05 July 2020
Mindless, enslaved, conditioned, and more. Everything I wanted.
Saturday, 04 July 2020
This session is hypnosis masterpiece as Domina Shelle completely weakens your mind until you give in to her sweet sexy seduction. 10/10
Friday, 03 July 2020
OMD! slave is quite blown away by Mindless Captive. So erotic, so enticing, so mindless that slave isn’t quite sure if she consciously heard all of the recording. Please Domina! Take me deeper. Enslave me as Your jungle good girl.
Friday, 03 July 2020
I will never be free, will I. I am forever ensnared by Domina. How could anyone break free from her. She is everything. She my everything. This session was totally erotic. Mind blowing. I am still feeling the swaying affects from her. This is a must buy. You have GOT to buy this and let her ensnare you too.
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