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Mission Impossible--Witchy WomanMission Impossible--Witchy Woman

Mission Impossible--Witchy Woman


Product SKU: Mission Impossible--Witchy Woman

Witchy Woman uses SEXY BOUNDARIES, TEASING, INTENSE AROUSAL, and a SPELL to take you.

Session: 37 minutes
Level: Medium
Category: Mind Control-Erotic Fantasy-Espionage
Sample: LINK

(Arousal and Cock Control)
Espionage---After the interrogation---Using unusual techniques She brainwashes and casts Her spell upon you.

Brought back to the home of the reported mysterious maybe (WITCHY) Woman.  Find yourself captived by Her wicked spell.  The spell She casts upon you will be one that not even She can remove.

You were warned NOT to become aroused by Her, now it's too late.  you have allowed Her to take over your mind and body.

She is DANGEROUS to anyone who contacts Her...She takes Her victims in unusual ways.  She uses them for Her benefit...

File also includes Music, Binaurals and Triggers.  Best to listen to Mission Impossible first.

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Sunday, 06 November 2016
Going from where i left on the first File (i listened to both in a row with a small break)...

So it wasn´t just a Dream this Women does exists and she does made me crave to meet her again, i still have no clue if i told her any secrets or not, but i am sure by now if i am an agent and i do have secrets i gladly will tell her them, cause now after this File i surely have no strenght left to even try and resist her, she took everything away from me, there is nothing i can do or feel without her wanting me to, if she wants me to be horny i will be, if she don´t wants me to i will not be, if she wants me to cum i will do so, if she don´t wants me to, i will do so, to shorten this up, i am not an agent anymore, i am a slave, her slave, to weak to resist, i am hers and always will be, being an agent isn´t my job anymore, my job is to serve her forever and ever, being an agent is secondary now, i only do this to get more secrets that i can tell her to please her, cause that´s what my purpose is now, serve and please my new Owner this beautiful Women, that may was my mission, if it was then well i horrible failed and honestly don´t care, i can´t think about anything that could make me happier then to serve her for the rest of my Life ^-^
Saturday, 20 August 2016
I have just listened and my memories of what Princess Shelle has done to me are quickly fading. This session is extremely sexy and I'm still incredibly aroused. I'm bound to her even more than before, now.
Sunday, 24 November 2013
This incredible, powerfully devastating file is wonderfully intense. The lines between story and induction and brainwashing are are completely blurred, and thus even more arousing and effective. This slave has no idea how, but this file has been the most completely and irreversibly controlling of all that this slave has had the priviledge to experience.
Wednesday, 13 November 2013
The only thing impossible about this file, would be to reach the end of it without becoming hard as a rock! Domina Shelle took control and erotically guided me through this dreamy tale. Spellbinding is the best description I can think of - SHE put me under HER spell, and I am bound to HER forever!
Tuesday, 12 November 2013
Wow. So intense. My Domina is so sexy in this one, and so wicked. I think with Domina Shelle, sexy means wicked, and wicked means sexy. She controls my cock, for what, for her own purpose. I felt in ecstacy while listening to that file, but also in some kind of sexual frustration. This woman, this witchy woman is amazing. She can keep me torture me over and over again, I love her more for doing that. This file is very near of a fantasy of mine, so I enjoyed it. I think everyone should take a look at it.
Monday, 11 November 2013
Dark, dreamy, and atmospheric, Witchy Woman will leave you completely under Mistress Shelle's c. She casts Her spell over you, slowly weaving a web of sleep around you until you are at Her mercy, and then teases you into helplessly complying with Her wishes. A very sexy ride, and a must-have if you loved the first Mission.
Saturday, 09 November 2013
My memory of this file is quite a bit clearer than the first file of the series, but if the eroticism of the first file even approaches that of this one it's no wonder I wanted to listen again and again. Witchy Woman has a brilliant dark and dreamlike quality that is perfectly done. The sexy story of this file might leave you begging to hear more. I LOVED everything about this session.
Saturday, 09 November 2013
EXTRA EROTIC EXTRA SEXY EXTRA Wicked Mysterious Sexy file that will make you fall deeper under Her spell, and i Love falling under Her spell, She is getting more Perfect with each file, She already changed the definition of the word Perfection, Thank YOU Domina :)
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