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Listen and OBEY---can NOT resist---

Session: 26 minutes
Sample: LINK


Listen and OBEY---can NOT resist----OBEY-----OBEDIENCE Is PLEASURE----OBEY---BRAINWASHED to OBEY ME!  slave must obey and listen to this mp3!


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Saturday, 02 April 2022
WTF How the heck did she take me into trance. It just seemed like Domina was talking about obeying Her over and over. i have no idea when i was in trance but i was. Then at some point Domina told me to go deeper and i did, falling much deeper. What a nice short file to listen to. i will always obey my Princess. i always want Her to be happy. So i will always obey Her without thought and without question. i must obey.
Tuesday, 28 June 2016
Well it kinda felt as if i should have listened to this a long while ago, because by now it felt like a reminder of something i am already doing, even if i do have to say Obey Obey Obey is somewhat stuck in my head now and of course means for me nothing else as to always obey my lovely Princess, but yeah that´s pretty much all i remember, it´s kinda funny how i lately have alot of trouble to keep up with her listening to her voice, but i am also pretty sure it´s a good thing, like a sign of losing even more control and that´s just awesome
Saturday, 25 June 2016
i must obey Domina Shelle. i must please Domina Shelle. Obeying Her makes Her happy and pleases Her. That is my goal.
Thursday, 10 December 2015
NEED to loop this file again and again and again. Must OBEY, obeying makes me so happy, there's a loop file included, but when I have time I prefer to just loop the full file.
Sunday, 02 August 2015
This makes it so easy to Obey Princess Shelle. Each time through the loop I feel more and more in her power.
Sunday, 06 July 2014
This is a very powerful and strong file which will you take deeper and deeper into the control of your Domina. After listening in a loop the need to OBEY Princess Shelle is fixed into my mind. i must OBEY HER all the time now. Obedience is pleasure.
Saturday, 18 January 2014
The all caps title and warning in the description might make you think this is overbearing or rote, but it’s actually a pretty relaxing listen thanks to an irresistible voice and possibly a little conditioning. In fact it’s so appealing that I might have listened to it more than any other file. Is that because I want only to OBEY my Princess or is it some other attraction? It doesn't really matter and I cannot think to care. Or think at all.
Tuesday, 09 April 2013
Obey obey obey it's getting burned inside my mind forever. Princess Shelle in total control... no more thinking only obeying. No choices left, only what Princess wants.
Thursday, 04 October 2012
This file is no joke... POWERFUL is quite accurate. But this isn't a bad or scary thing, it's a wonderful thing... you will obey Princess. That's what you want, isn't it? Not only that, but Princess will teach you that Obedience is Pleasure! Lucky is any who serves such a generous and POWERFUL Princess.
Tuesday, 11 September 2012
This has become one of my favorite files. Initially, i was a little put off its repetitive nature, but the more i listened the more enjoyable being mindlessly programmed to obey Mistress Shelle became. It's not a bad prelude to Her other files, making one even more compliant to Her will (which is inevitable anyways, but the help doesn't hurt). Highly recommended.
Wednesday, 05 September 2012
i am relatively new to serving Princess Shelle. Thinking of what a person reading this should know about my Princess Shelle, and this file, first i want to make clear that Princess Shelle is not only very VERY beautiful, She is ALSO VERY intelligent. Take this seriously. She is a licensed hypnotist, and this is REAL hypnosis. Having known other hypnotists, anyone listening to these files will quickly discover the difference. She wants to truly control You, and invests Her skill and time to bring You to the point of true bliss, when you realize it is truly okay to do this, and even right and true to do so. i love Princess Shelle. i am blessed to be owned by Her, body and soul. True, this didn’t take long. But that isn’t a measure of my willingness as much as the fact that Her inductions are REAL HYPNOSIS and that SHE is WORTHY of TRUE worship. Obedience to Her may start out as a wish, but in the end it is TRUTH ~ it is more than a wish ~ it is REAL, it is your day to day want and REALITY. You will be happy and thankful every time to hear Her, and be trained by the end. There IS no other Domina, Mistress, Goddess, or Princess like Princess Shelle. i promise that you will see the truth in these words before long, if you just listen to Her. I love my Domina, my owner, my guide and salvation. Her Truth is the ONLY TRUTH. All else are lies we have been told. Surrender to a TRUE God-dess, and let Her guide You and give You meaning, purpose, and learn to surrender control to Her ALONE. She is VERY beautiful, intelligent, caring and generous Domina. She IS superior. It is only right that She be worshipped. Obedience is pleasure. ~ slave billy
Sunday, 02 September 2012
How good I did not read the warning. I love this file, using it as much as possible to get more and more into this wonderful journey towards Mistress Shelle. Maybe that's why I can't resist any command of her anymore.
Friday, 10 August 2012
i know it is a late review, i remember the file effect more than i remember the file itself,, so very Powerful,,the first time to listen to this file i couldn't realize what is happening to me i felt it is not that powerful, but the second time oooouff, i turned crazy and i had and still having obsession with my Domina obedience,
Saturday, 23 June 2012
A great training/brainwashing file. I'd go so far as to say it's one of the more important training files in Shelle's training repertoire. Buy it for sure if you want to be a better sub for Princess Shelle.
Saturday, 26 May 2012
A very powerful file which makes it impossible to resist and not obeying Princess Shelle. Obedience is pleasure and makes me so happy!
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