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Pandora's Box | Shelle RiversPandora's Box | Shelle Rivers

Pandora's Box


Product SKU: Pandora's Box

The contents of "Pandora's Box" are so mysterious--you have a burning desire to know what lies within...

Session: 71 minutes
Category: Brainwashing
Sample: LINK

In Greek legend, Pandora was given a box to look after.  She was told not to open it and reveal its contents.  Well, the truth of the legend is that CURIOSITY began with Pandora.  She could not resist the temptation to open the box.  Are you curious, My pet?  Can you resist opening My Box?

The contents of the box are so mysterious.....and you have a burning desire to know what lies within.....yes, and that is why you will NOT resist listening to this most POWERFUL brainwashing session.....the Mystery begins.

Curiosity always comes with risks.


But, it's OK, you can trust Me...Open the's safe, don't worry. ***GIGGLES***


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Thursday, 18 June 2020
I don’t remember much of this file but after listening I feel like I changed. My mind and who I am is not mine anymore but it belongs to Domina now and I’m so happy to willingly give it to her . I cant wait to listen again and again.
Friday, 24 February 2017
Curiosity was always the beginning. - Lets see what will happen next - the next recording can do no real harm - right? And slowly i opened the Box! In this recording Domina made me realize how far i already went – how deep my submission is and still i want to do the next step to go deeper into slavery. After I opened the box I realized that there will be consequences. And the only thing i can do is to trust that Domina Shell will make the consequences pleasurable for me – that is all what I beg for: Please Domina – do with my mind what you like to do and make me enjoy it!
Friday, 20 May 2016
Something changed, something is different after listening to this file it all changed. Domina Shelle has become more important, more present and somehow more real. The need to listen again and again insatiable. The world seems somewhat vague... but the feeling of belonging to Domina Shelle is so much acute, so much more fulfilling. There is no turning back once the box is opened.... is there?
Tuesday, 02 June 2015
I've just listened to this wonderful file. I was so deep like never before. This is a masterpiece of Love from out beloved Princess.
Friday, 22 May 2015
Omg! This file is awesome. If you aren't already Irrevocably enslaved, and completely obsessed with our Domina. You will be after listening to this file. Oh my God. Domina is amazing! I love this file.
Friday, 17 October 2014
After listening i couldn't think straight. Every single thought of me is connected to my Domina now. Domina Shelle is everywhere i go. It is like She is in my mind now. i want Her to stay there, because i need Her to guide me. Of the file itself i only remember very few parts. i remember that i opened the box, but than my thoughts are blurry. i can say that it was the hottest teasing my Domina ever did to me, and i can only guess how i managed to stay in chastity for Her. But i know for sure that my Domina controls me because She owns me. i will obey Her every command without thought and without question because i am and i will be Her slave always and forever. i ? my Domina and i'm so happy and excited to belong to Her.
Sunday, 09 March 2014
Princess Shelle's version of Pandora's box starts off with a sweet and gentle induction lulling your mind into deep trance. You follow your Princess as she leads you down the corridors of your mind to a room with a closed box within. You are weak and even after the warning from Princess Shelle, you open the box. What do you find - fantasy and reality - conscious and subconscious, but which is which. Princess Shelle will help you cut through the confusion. Only with Domina's help can you remodel this desert, that is your mind, into a lush forest.
Sunday, 12 January 2014
I can only remember fragments of what happened as this file is really really powerful ! All I know is that I opened the box willingly, gave everything to my Mistress and have no regret ! Princess Shelle owns cand controls everything : my mind, my soul, my thoughts, my body ! I gave her all that and much more if She wishes as it felt so wonderful to do so !! I love You Princess !
Tuesday, 05 February 2013
i have been listening for 6 days now to this session but i seem to know less and less to write about it.rnAll i know is how Her soft sweet seductive voice entice me to go deeper and deeper into Her world and She just takes over completely after that. It’s more like a free-fall into oblivion where i end up fully under Her influence and control. A very powerful session that delivers me without arms, powerless and utterly submissive, into Her capable Hands. Thank You Princess for taking control over me, i want and need to be controlled by You.
Friday, 14 September 2012
The sweetness of Princess Shelle’s seduction conceals until it is too late to escape Her tremendous power. In Her Reality there is no real showy demonstrations, or trifling symbols of Domina Shelle’s power ~ala chains, PVC, rubber, or latex, etc. ~the sadistic pomp some crave. HOWEVER, HER domination is subtle ONLY until it becomes obvious. A true Goddess need not pummel You into submission. Domina Shelle is never that one dimensional. Her Reality is so vast and complete, with how She weaves it and replaces what had been, that even if She remakes my former "life", i am helplessly in love and would offer it up willingly. This file sets the record straight. i may seem to give my “power” away to Princess Shelle, but in fact She is happily taking it, with every sweet word She speaks into my soul.--Words She has me repeating here, over and over as in Brainwashed. Her Mantra's work. The work oh so well. But with this file She seems to slip into the furrows She tilled in me already with “Brainwashed”. This file plants the permanent seeds of steel ivy that weave and intersect with all Her other files, and strengthen them as well. Every bar intersecting in the cage i give into closes another gap of escape, and more & more & more when i listen to ANYTHING from Her, i immediately feel the weakness, the trance coming on like a wave. Triggers just nudge me deeper still, shifting the footing of any lingering resistance until there is none at all, and i slide into Her perfect will, never dreaming of escaping, lost and wanting to be in Her words, looping them as long as i can. Just THINK of how LONG this file is, and what Princess Shelle can do with just half that amount of time! Files like this one, that continue to TRULY CEMENT the REALITY that She is my Owner…i cannot imagine ANY seduction greater or more perfect than these type files, except the REALITY that comes from them that now as Her slave.
Saturday, 08 September 2012
With Pandora's Box, Misress Shelle has composed Her most powerful brainwashing file to date.Perfectly structured and layered, its inexorable power will take you down deep and then reprogram you completely. You may well not remember it all at once, with flashes of Her imagery surfacing in your brain again and again.
Sunday, 22 July 2012
After just finishing listening to this file, I'm at a loss to explain details of what I just heard. My mind is drawing a blank . Only brief visions pop into my rivers's rushing water...a yellow door...Princess Shelle's breast and cleavage. What does it all mean? My thoughts keep repeating that my Domina controls me, and thinks for me. I'm happy, and glad that SHE thinks for me, because without HER, I am blank and mindless.
Saturday, 21 July 2012
It's impossible for me to not leave a feedback. First, because it please my Domina when I leave a feedback and it make her smile. And I must please my Domina. Second, because it's the most powerful brainwashed files I have listen in my life. It was so intense that I don't remember what happens, only that Domina is everything to me and I must obey her, think of her, live for her. My curiosity was too strong, I opened the pandora's box, and my life have change. But, I'm not afraid of that change, because Princess Shelle take care of everything, and nothing bad can happen while Princess Shelle is in control. Domina is pleasure.
Saturday, 21 July 2012
Its no surprise that curiosity may, in this case most certainly will, have consequences... Irresistible mind takeover... deep braintrain, wonderful consequences. And Princess Shelle makes it so much fun too. Over an hour of being so far under. Feel Domina's irresistible, complete, detailed control. Impossible to not love this experience. Listen, obey, enjoy, and be irreversibly brainwashed.
Saturday, 21 July 2012
Pandora's Box is a file that would have interested me based soley on the title, but Domina had also said that it was a follow-up to Brainwashed - Complete Control so the decision to purchase it was made for me. Where the other file feels a bit more forceful, Pandora's Box is a little more subtle in the way it accomplishes it's goals. Relying heavily on imagery you will be brainwashed and programmed completely to Domina-Princess Shelle's specifications. This session may feel a little more subtle but for me at least it is even more powerful. A wonderful session and a must for fans of brainwashing and followers of Domina Shelle.
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