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Pleasure in Submission | Shelle RiversPleasure in Submission | Shelle Rivers

Pleasure in Submission


Product SKU: Pleasure in Submission

I will hypnotize your mind into My erotic web, all LOCKED up.

Session: 44 minutes
Sample: LINK

My puppy, don't be afraid, it's ok to listen to this file, you know you want to, why resist?  I really don't need to say anything else, do I?  I mean if I want to implant wicked little suggestions deep into your subconscious mind, while I have you helpless in My Hypnotic clutches, you will let Me, won't you?  YES, of course you will...I love being inside your mind.  I always know just what you will do for Me.

This session is good for you and is compulsory.  It is a perfect complement to Pleasing Me.  It is essential to your training, My goodboy.  W/we both know you want to serve Me and give in to My will.  We both know that My pleasure is your pleasure.

This session will break your resistance and leave you in perfect submission just like you have always wanted to be.

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Monday, 21 December 2020
Domina seems to have so many different ways to take us into trance. i was not expecting the way this took me. i was just listening a long, reciting what i was told to say. Just doing as She told me. Before long i was so deep, so relaxed for Her. So very much into trance. After Domina got me where She wanted me, She mindfucked me good. Which i am always happy for. Domina's pleasure is my pleasure. my submission is my pleasure. i have such a huge urge to please Her right now. It excites me. i know that if i please Her, i will feel so much more pleasure. i Love You Domina.
Thursday, 05 November 2020
What a beautiful world we share with Domina. A perfect world where she takes care of us and we take care of Her big or small. This world is created by Domina and is filled with pleasure, happiness and purpose. This file helped me realized that and I feel has deepened my submission. Pleasing Domina is pleasure and with whatever I do or give it’s all for Her!
Sunday, 17 December 2017
Domina Shelle wants Her subjects to be happy and content with life. To be happy in Her power and content with Her control. Domina shows us that She cares about us as much as we care about Her. That it is ok to give as well as receive no matter how big or small. tangible or intangible as long as you do it for Her.
Tuesday, 21 February 2017
This was...just...i..ähm..i NEVER experience Trance like this, sure our Princess had me repeat certain phrases in Trance, but as far as i remember i never did so from the beginning to the End, i can´t even describe probably what this has d, i hadn´t been able to...This Time in trance with her, it was as if there wasn´t any distance or whatsoever between us, it was as if she was there with me, as if i finally reached my Destiny, at her Feet, ready to please, serve and worship her forever, well and then i woke up...Still feeling the same way about what i should do for her, but also confused and somewhat mindfucked, she does exactly what she says in the description break your resistance leave you in perfect submission for me there was no resistance left towards her, but if you should have any she will break it for sure and at the end you will feel Oh sooo much more Submissive towards her ^-^
Saturday, 11 February 2017
Pleasure in Submission! This is what Domina gave me. A very dangerous file, like a Trojan horse. At the beginning it looks like an easy introduction to hypnosis. I make my exercise, go deep and deeper, follow her instructions. And when I was totally off guard Shelle playfully jumped out of her hypnotist costume at her helpless prey and consumed my exposed free will. I want to please her and give her everything she desires! How can I ever resist such sweetness!
Monday, 23 January 2017
i love Domina so much it hurts. i love Her files and this is no exception. It start slowly and relaxing but it will hook you completly.
Monday, 23 January 2017
Domina does something in this file that I do deeply love and I deeply need. Not just the core of the file, the main point, but Domina reassures me that it's ok to be hypnotized. Thatit's ok for Her to hypnotize me. Some many negative thing in my life lately has caused me to feel that it isn't, but with Domina telling me over and over that, yes it is ok. Then I know in my heart, that it is ok. Thank You Domina. My life has for Domina. I live to please Her. it feels so wonderful having Domina deepen that wonderful need. Thank You my sweet wonderful Domina.
Monday, 23 January 2017
I can't remember much of what happened, just rising and falling and a warm glow of pleasure. i know listening again will please Domina, and love pleasing Domina, so i must listen again!
Sunday, 22 January 2017
I love to please Princess Shelle and this file has reinforced this feeling even more. It's so strong, that I dreamed about the pleasure of pleasing her after listening to this session.
Sunday, 22 January 2017
This file seems harmless enough as Domina takes you gently down into trance. But this file is much more powerful than it seems. It has definitely increased the love and desire to please. I can't seem to be able to think of anything other than pleasing her now. I waited to see how much this feeling remained overnight.... The need to please is increasing. Domina I don't know how you did it, but that's one he'll of a file. And it feels so good.
Saturday, 21 January 2017
This session is a sensual experience where Domina Shelle explains to you why you need to please her and take additi and above all you will feel a compelling need to commit (submit) more of your time/attention to pleasing your Domina. The file is very effective and I am now reviewing ways I can further please Domina through (small) life/decision changes.
Saturday, 21 January 2017
On the surface this is a wonderful relaxing journey into submission to Domina Shelle. At a deeper level this is about finding the best way to please Domina Shelle within the subject's means. I loved every second of this, and I can't wait to listen again, knowing that listening and obeying is just one more way that I can please Her.
Saturday, 21 January 2017
I'm so grateful for all that Domina has given me. Pleasing Domina thorough my obedience is my purpose. This session is wonderful if you are new to Domina Shelle, or one of her more experienced listeners. It feels so good to listen to HER voice, she deserves only my best.
Saturday, 21 January 2017
The style of this file is unique in that everything remains amazingly consistent. Domina's tone, pitch, and cadence continue on and on which makes resisting falling extremely deep almost impossible. You will be left feeling amazingly serene and receptive to Domina's whimss. Submit, find pleasure in submitting, and please your Domina all at the same time. Delightful!
Saturday, 21 January 2017
i love to please my Domina! Every time i please Her through my submission it pleases me as well.. i feel all happy and i am smiling all over when my beloved Princess is satisfied. Now this new file forces these feelings even more, a perfect way to make sure that i serve my Domina the best i can be pleasing Her whenever i can. Thank You my beloved Domina for making me feel sooo happy.
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