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Private Text Chat - 60 minutes


Product SKU: Private Text Chat - 60 minutes

Schedule a 60 minute private text chat with Me.

Come text chat PRIVATELY with Me.  Tell Me your naughty lil secrets...feel My power as I tease and play with you like a little toy....train to be My goodboy.

Private text chats allows us to be alone, no one interrupting us...just you and ME.

After you have paid---Email Me with your time request...I will do My best to make it work for us.

Let's connect NOW.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2016
It was thanks to Domina Shelle that I first came in contact with my submissive self and started to explore this new feeling. I had a few doubts and felt uneasy because I didn't really know what I'd get myself into while at the same time I felt excited about this new sensation. So I wanted to get a feeling for who Domina Shelle is and how all this works. It was an awesome experience to get to know her a little and she managed to clear up all doubts. This adventure has just begun and I am looking forward to my journey into submission and many more sessions with her.
Sunday, 26 April 2015
I just recently discovered Princess Shelle and immediately knew that my search for a Mistress has come to an end. I wanted to get to know her better and also allow her to get to know me. She was very forthcoming and tried everything to make it work at a time that worked best for me. The private chat itself I enjoyed very much. It was a pleasure to write with her - getting to know each other. Time went by so fast and I wished we had more time. I already feel much closer to her and I am looking forward to my next session with Her!
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