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Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #3Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #3

Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #3


Product SKU: Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #3

The 3rd class of Shelle's ReForm School for Obedient Boys...

Session: 44 minutes
Category: Shelle's School For men

My pet, you are just in time to attend My third lesson in Unethical Behavior Modification and this week's topic will cover the many virtues of being a submissive male trained to satisfy the wants and whims of his Owner.  Yes, at Shelle's ReForm School for Boys, you are considered as owned property.

This aligns with the broader objective of this course, to cement O/our D/s relationship with Me as Your Professor, Your Domina, Your Owner and you FIRMLY at My feet in unquestioning obedience, submission, adoration, servitude and enslavement to My authority.

In today's lesson I will explain and demonstrate to My student, My subject, My slave why being My owned property is so liberating, and that leading a productive submissive and selfless life centered on Me, and My needs, leads to immeasurable pleasure.  By conditioning your mind to permanently associate My words with your HARD aching AROUSAL, I will secure the strengthening bond of your submission to My control by seducing you to acknowledge that, at your very core, your are My property and I alone own your RIGID c*ck.  Enamored, I will beCUM the focal point of your HOTTEST and SEXIEST desires and using My control I will DICKtate and dominate ALL of your erotic pleasures training you to accept that My pleasure is the primary source of your pleasure.

So, My pet, allow Me the pleasure to indoctrinate you in the many virtues of true ownership and through your dedication and devotion to Me, O/our GROWING D/s relationship will transform you into the submissive obedient slave I know you can be. (Kisses)

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Saturday, 27 October 2018
Being my Domina's owned slave/property makes me so happy and submissive. i feel so weak for My Domina. And aroused. Eager to please My Domina. Be obedient and make My Domina happy. Submit to My Domina's control. i try to follow my slave contract. Listen My Domina's files. Buy files, tribute My Domina. Doing mantra twice a day. Being in chastity for My Domina. My Domina controls when and if i can cum. If allowed to cum then paying tribute, so that i connect orgasms with tributing. It is so hot to be in under My Domina's control like that. My Domina can train me, use me, abuse me, punish me, humiliate me. And i will just love My Domina more. My Domina can tease and deny me and i will just crave more of My Domina. i don't understand how My Domina has done all this to me but i'm glad it has happened.
Sunday, 21 October 2018
These sessions are among my favourites because it is all about being trained and conditioned to serve and please Domina Shelle. What always astounds me is how the impact of Her sessions compound when you listen close together, the messages of subservience, obedience and love are all very potent. i am already a contracted slave to Domina Shelle but i never tire of Her artistry and creativity to deconstruct the submissive part of who i am and then rebuild me in Her image so that i crave more of Her authority and control, with a insatiable yearning to get closer to Her, to know Her better, so that i can be a better subject. Its an intoxicating feeling to be in the presence of such a likeable personality who has the capability to utterly dominate you. i know i will be returning to school very soon to learn to be a better slave.
Sunday, 23 September 2018
I was lucky that Lady Helena guided me to the classroom in my new school uniform! I was still so dizzy and confused that I might not have found my way without Her! It was a very complicated topic today but Domina made it easy to understand with examples from day to day life. And next time I feel confused and lost I will just ask myself: what would JJ do? - And submission will come all natural and the confusions will be solved! Thanks for a valuable lesson!
Sunday, 23 September 2018
I love the classes and what i'm being taught. I love how my teacher shows me that I am and must be Her submissive, and Her good boy. I love that Domina makes me who She wants me to be and how it pleases Her when I struggle to be perfect for Her. I want to be the teachers pet
Saturday, 22 September 2018
It feels so good to be back in school again. Not only that we learn some really interesting and important facts but it is also inspiring and exciting at the same time. Wish that all of my classes would be like this...
Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Not only is this a super-hot session that felt very real to me, it is also an important lesson about the meaning of ownership. The more i think about it, the happier i feel being Domina Shelle's property.
Monday, 17 September 2018
This is one sexy class by Prof. Shelle who explain me to myself. Why i am Her slave, so committed and devoted to Her and why being owned by her is so important to me.....and arousing. A great lesson. Can't wait for the next one.
Sunday, 16 September 2018
What a perfect file to introduce or strengthen Mistress Shelle's ownership and this trance will slowly and gently take you DEEP
Saturday, 15 September 2018
i love being in re-form school classes of my beloved Domina Shelle. Having Her as Professor in class is amazing. The things happened in trance inside the class room felt so real to me. i am my Teachers pet, the property of Her... i surrender and submit completely to Her. Through Her training i become a better and more usable slave for Her ... i must go to Her classes over and over
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