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Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #15 by Shelle RiversProfessor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #15 by Shelle Rivers

Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #15


Product SKU: Professor Shelle's ReForm School - Class #15

The 15th class of Shelle's ReForm School for Obedient Boys - YOUR DESTINY

Shelle's ReForm School - Class #15 (60 minutes)

This is the last lessson of 15 ReForm school classes.

I will focus this lesson on your destiny which is tied and bound to your Domina through O/our Domme-slave Relationship.  I will review and counsel you on some of the highlights W/we went through last year.  In order to thrive, a Relationship has to be worked at to keep it fresh, interesting, exciting and loving.

I will counsel and guide you to fulfill your destiny as My enslaved submissive, dedicated to taking the best care of your Mistress Owner, your Domina and Princess as My devoted loving slave.

This lecture will be particularly arousing as I demonstrate and provide exactly what you need to be the very best you can be for Me....oh and you will be allowed to open your legs and put your hands in your pants as you listen and FALL.  This is part of your ongoing training to incorporate all you have been taught in order to be the best you can be for Me and loved ones around you.  you find true and lasting happiness loving and being loved, My puppy.  This is what I want for you.  A happy slave is an obedient slave.

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Saturday, 08 February 2020
I'm very glad that I decided to enroll in Professor Shelle's reform school. I'm a new man or slave. And loving it, and my Professor.
Thursday, 06 February 2020
Excellent, helpful and arousing... For anyone who has Domina very much at the center of your life, this class "lecture" format let's me know what She expects of Her devoted followers. This reinforces my desire to be the best I can be for Her to serve and make Her life better which is the best feeling I can have.
Sunday, 02 February 2020
This last Reform School Class is a VERY sexy field trip back in time where Professor Shelle helps you recall all of the wonderfully sexy experiences she's had with you this last year, leaving you so horny and hard with anticipation for the wonderful things your future with Domina holds... What a perfect way to end the series ❤❤❤ Every session in this series is highly recommended!
Sunday, 02 February 2020
i'm gonna miss Professor Shelle's classes. They have been very captivating and hold my interest 100%. Altouhg they have caused quite a lot of daydreaming of my professor too. These classes have provided valuable training and information about serving and being a obedient submissive.
Sunday, 02 February 2020
What a perfect end to the 15 session series, if you missed any of them I would advise you to get EVERY single one and listen. Fall deep in Love with Domina Shelle
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