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Purple Heart by Shelle RiversPurple Heart by Shelle Rivers

Purple Heart


Product SKU: Purple Heart


Session Length: 59 minutes
Level: Powerful
Category: Brainwashing-Erotic Hypnosis
Sample: LINK

A familiar dark haired nurse with ruby red lips will take you on A STRESS RELIEVING sexy wild ASS ride into the depths of your mind.

Are you TENSE and STRESSED?...I have a procedure that will help...Of course, this procedure may have severe lasting side effects.....but you don't care, do you?

There is a dark secret in ancient medicine.....a carefully guarded secret that most modern doctors don't even know....but I know...I have perfected the procedure.  Some think that it is unethical...especially to HYPNOTIZE someone so deeply that he will forget about everything, using brainwashing as a control mechanism.  But, the sweet sound of My voice altering your mind, preparing it for hypnotic conditioning, is worth the risk.  So, I ask you to TRUST me once again---just lay back and let Me take control.

This file is ASS-tastic....and a deeply PENETRATING trance.

Surrender M

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Monday, 08 November 2021
When reading the description, and looking at the reviews, i wasn't sure where Domina would actually lead me with this... i have to admit, there is still a confusional state in some ways, even after experiencing this, but i do know for sure, that this is is a truly assinating file, that i can't help but think, i want to return to, over and over again, just to watch that sway; to become lost in Domina's eyes, to be mesmerised by Her beautiful body, and feel myself pressed up close to Her beautiful body, again and again. If i had to give advice on to view this: don't really consider the content, just relax, go with the flow, and allow Domina to lead You away from the stress, and embrace the ecstasy She gives, if You simply surrender. ♥
Monday, 12 April 2021
Slightly confusing, don´t really now how to describe anything, all i know is i was once again lost in her control and loved every second of it ^-^
Sunday, 03 February 2019
Shelle's most amazing sessions are those that take you back... The dancer's bottom was a shiny silver. We connected on a very primal level, her allowing me to gently scratch her back as we found there was far too little separation between us. The music paused and she slipped off my lap, shaking, blushing, and apologizing profusely for her enthusiasm. my heart stopped as she fled into the crowd. i too fled, knowing if we met again there would be no escape... Now i'm back there again - and there is no place to flee.
Thursday, 02 August 2018
This file was already slumbering on my HDD for a while and I came back to it when the “Hypno Persuasion” files were released: the “Purple” files are confusing – it is not classic induction and trance and it is also not just a story – it is both of it. I cannot follow Domina's words consciously and just have to give in and open my mind to Her magic. I am helplessly paralyzed and the images flow by like in a comic strip or like flashes of memories: She is a nurse, a dancer, and a talented storyteller and finally she is my salvation. After i woke up i struggled with difficulties to separate my own memories from the pictures of the file, while my brain tried to understand what just had happened.
Friday, 18 November 2016
This will always be an all-time favorite of mine. It begins with a long luxurious induction taking you very deep. Then you are taken on the ride of a lifetime ending up ever closer with Domina Shelle which is exactly where you want to be anyways. What are you waiting for? You need this file now!
Friday, 31 July 2015
A file that took me into a deep relaxing trance after a stressful day and helps to feel never again or at least less stress in my life. i am a relaxer for my Domina-Princess. i love Her and i need Her. my heart beats only for Her, because She owns it. This file is perfect if You want to deepen the love for Domina Shelle and to feel more relaxed troughout the day. And it is so arousing as She implants all these horny thoughts of Her and Her swaying perfect round Ass inside my mind.
Wednesday, 18 June 2014
This is another amazing work by Domina Shelle. You will be sucked down in no time, and you will stay where Domina wants you to be: At her feet. You will understand too why you are so obsessed with her, and how powerful she is. A very relaxing, sexy and creative file that will blow you away. The purple heart will consume you.
Sunday, 08 June 2014
For those who want that blissful blend of relaxation and submission! it's one of the best files and the strongest ones
Thursday, 05 June 2014
This file has made such an impact. Domina Shelle is so caring in her basic message then builds to such an intense climax. i cannot imagine my life without my Domina at it's center. She brings out my strongest feelings of love, adoration and admiration which have so improved my life being under Her control and Love.
Tuesday, 03 June 2014
Another amazing trance. It takes you deep, then deeper then all the way down. When you think you are as deep as you can go, Princess pushes you down further, then I can't really say other than it was very very pleasurable, but I don't have much recollection of why. These are the trances that make Princess so very very special. Long, slow DEEP inductions. WOW.
Tuesday, 03 June 2014
Another amazing job by Domina Shelle. I have listened to this file multiple times and still can't get enough of it!! Also a nice addition that along with Her usual classy story telling, this one will help her slaves to live a healthier lifestyle.
Monday, 02 June 2014
Love Princess Shelle ways of hypnotic powers that can be so Domina. this is an file that you must get or else.
Sunday, 01 June 2014
Wow. I just.. I don't even know what happened. This file was a ride! My heart was hypnotized and replaced with a purple heart!! WOW, loved this concept!! Some of the imagery used feels so fresh. Hypnotized by the letter "s" and a nurse who is more than what she seems! Loved it! I love the message surrounding this session so much. There was a time when I was very religious. I went to church weekly and gave time to my devotions as much as I could. But over time I started worrying more about money as well. About providing wealth and material. It's partly why I am a workaholic. I work out of fear of losing things. It makes life routine sometimes. When I was religious I used to love the feeling I got when I prayed. The sense of peace and tranquility knowing that someone was looking out for you felt really comforting. Now as a trancer and follower of you I have been getting that same feeling of peace and tranquility from You Domina. Now I see that connection plain as day and I did not before this session. The sense of peace I get thinking of You is what gives me strength to push on. I think I even love myself more now than I ever have thanks to Your recordings and especially this session. Ok, going to listen to this again so I can take away more from it...So happy with this file, it's a masterpiece!
Sunday, 01 June 2014
Domina Shelle does it again! This file touches many fetish fantasies while seducing your mind into a relaxed trance state. Nurse Shelle works on saving your life by manipulating your outlook on life. How she does it is through her sexy, erotic, relaxing story telling. This file is one of her best. I know I'll be listening to it multiple times.
Saturday, 31 May 2014
In the "fetish" section there are body worship files for breasts, feet and eyes. i'm constantly looking for a new one in there that allows us to be dominated by HER ass. Well, this is not exactly a fetish file for body worship, but it comes close :) It is definitely one of my new favorites. If you like to look at HER butt (and who doesn't?) you will love this file. Btw, even if it is a long file, it is so relaxing it didn't feel like a whole hour.
Friday, 30 May 2014
This is a very deep, and incredibly relaxing trance that is sure to relieve your stress and return you to a balanced state. In addition to all of those things, it's also a very sexy trance, and an experience that may cause better focus on the important things in life, like Domina Shelle.
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