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Sexual Psychosis 2 | Shelle RiversSexual Psychosis 2 | Shelle Rivers

Sexual Psychosis 2


Product SKU: Sexual Psychosis 2

Lust as I morph another hypno-fetish into a Sexual Psychosis...

Sexual Psychosis 2 (53 minutes):

Have I got a sensuous treat for you, My pet, an intimate and erotic encounter with Your Domina that will leave you blissfully spent as I take full control of your mind, or should I say My mind...

Come closer, My darling, let's snuggle as you lay next to My warm alluring body.  Ohhh, I know that feels good, My tender embrace melting your troubles away as you quickly relax, surrendering effortlessly to the soothing cadence of My voice.

But, I need you to go nice and deep for Me in the session, so why not rest your weary head right here between My naked breasts?...Mmm, that feels good doesn't it?  I know you love the way My skin feels against your cheek, My fingers playing with your hair, My shiny red nails smooth against your skin, a sensual avalanche designed to distract you from that fact I'm lulling you deep into My world of submission where I can Steal your Mind.

It's so easy to take you into My world when W/e are this close, every caress taking you deeper as you fall helplessly for Me.  Like a seductive Siren's call, My sweet whispered words leave you powerless as I take full control of your deeply hypnotized mind, priming it for more of My delicious and devious programming. (giggles)

Listen and lust as I morph another hypno-fetish into a Sexual Psychosis, where I ravish your reality into a world of erotic bliss.  Trust Me as you lose yourself in the moment, a sensual embrace you will never forget, and embrace the truth that you will always be Mine.  LISTEN NOW!

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Tuesday, 26 January 2021
Listening to Domina's Sexual Psychosis 2 made me even more dependent on Her control, domination and sensual hypnosis - if that were even possible!
Wednesday, 20 January 2021
Sexual Psychosis 2 is perfect. If
Monday, 18 January 2021
Unbelievable yet again. Domina Shelle is Unbelievable in that She surpasses every programming file with an even more intense work of art.... Her Erotic Hypnotic Mind Sex is second to none, as its like having a sexually irresistibly Beautiful succubus drain your balls dry while you are so deeply and pleasantly relaxed, weightless and defenceless!! Her crimson sharp nails seductively weaving their way deep into your subconscious mind pulling you slowly but surly towards Her goal of TOTAL servitude. I have never, never ever experienced such intense sexual pleasure within my mind and body. Oh I BEG You my Sweet Domina, dig Your nails soooo deeeep into me i'm Yours forever mmmm !!!!
Sunday, 17 January 2021
WOW i feel so spent after that. No one makes me feel the way Domina makes me feel, no one. i am so owned by Her. i love it. Images of Her red crimson fingernails are all i can think about. This file was amazing. Towards the end i had no control. i was in so much lust, a fever of arousal for Domina. It was amazing. i have so many favorite files and now I have a new one. Everyone needs to listen to this file. Everyone. Its a work of art. Please let me give it 10 stars.
Sunday, 17 January 2021
Like always my beloved Domina took me so deep into trance that i did pass out the first times of listening. Now i think i remember most of this deep sexual arousing and sensual trance. my mind keeps wondering back to the crimson red fingernails of my Owner as She kept me mezmerized and aroused using them on my body. Even only in trance it was so stimulating and exstatic to be touched by the soft and yet powerful fingers of Domina Shelle. This file is clearly a must have.
Saturday, 16 January 2021
I can still feel Dominas sexy red nails scratching the deep seeded itch deep in the depths of my mind that only her enrapturing voice can satisfy... This time spent with Domina was extremely vivid and felt absolutely fantastic... So warm and cozy snuggling right next to the most powerful and sexy Princess on the planet... *heart* Domina Shelle broke my mind again and locked me in her sexual psychosis forever... Domina Shelle owns me completely and she LOVES to dominate me in every conceivable way... Mmmm Oh and do I LOVE her complete Domination over my existence.... Domina makes me Soo incredibly happy and horny! I love you Domina Shelle!
Saturday, 16 January 2021
After years of being deliciously subjected to living on the floor, kneeling at the feet of my sublime Domina, She has allowed me to slide into her bed, nest in her breasts, feel her caresses, look at her crimson painted nails, and then poof! Then ecstasy and rapture, like no one but She knows how to produce, and again, poof! It was so stunning that I aroused to the extreme as I write these lines. Nobody, like Domina. She is second to none.
Saturday, 16 January 2021
Another 5 star session. Domina's sweet, sexy, adorable voice is always so seductive and inviting to follow Her anywhere and do whatever She wants. i won't spoil it, but there is no place on earth that i would rather be than so close to Her.... This recording is heaven on earth.
Friday, 15 January 2021
This is the hottest most sexually arousing binding file ive listened to so far....i must admit though I came a bit too early :(. Only Domina could create such a file and bind you to Her Will. Even though i came early thank you Domina!!
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