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Shelle’s Playground—BB by Shelle RiversShelle’s Playground—BB by Shelle Rivers

Shelle’s Playground—BB


Product SKU: Shelle’s Playground—BB

Surrender Trigger BB BB BB

I bet you're wondering what BB means? ~~Giggles~~

Can you imagine being at My feet, whenever I'm ready...Allowing Me to PLAY with you on My time.

you already know that I will not give you the details.

I love it when you surrender to Me...Completely BLIND as to what I may ask of you.  That’s real TRUST.  So here is yet another SURPRISE on My Playground.

Take a few minutes to listen as I program yet another TRIGGER into your mind.  Then prepare to OBEY My COMMANDS whenever I want, whenever I decide.

This is so much SEXY fun for Me.  you will love the lessons in OBEDIENCE.

FREE 8 Day Assignment---download with session.

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Monday, 18 March 2019
I love being triggered by Domina. I'll do anything for her, anytime. i crave Her control.
Wednesday, 06 March 2019
Another great addition to the existing Playground Triggers, one every slave should have, without saying to much it is what she does to alot of slaves, something that is inevitable under her control i guess, but with this trigger she now can do it specifically when she wants to instead of having it happenen because of, well if i say to much i spoil the Trigger so just go ahead and find it out yourself ^-^
Saturday, 02 March 2019
Another w.
Friday, 22 February 2019
Hehehe, i liked this one. And i'm sure My Domina Shelle is going to enjoy using this. It's feels like an important tool in training slaves.
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