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Shelle’s Playground—UShelle’s Playground—U

Shelle’s Playground—U


Product SKU: Shelle’s Playground—U

Shelle's playground—U is for U OBEY whatever MY sexy trigger might be.

Session: 9 minutes
Level: Moderate
Category: Shelle's Playground-Mind Control

Shelle's playground—U is for U OBEY whatever MY sexy trigger might be.  ***GIGGLES*** Isn't this FUN...and you are now HORNY all the time, aren't you?  Please listen to the initiation file first, immediately before listening to this file.

I love all this control....I know you do too.

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Buy this file! You will be happy when Domina has complete control over you. Submitting to this playground trigger helps to keep Domina in the forefront of your mind.
Friday, 17 June 2016
This is my first playground file , and what a surprise, the feeling of Dominas control is amazing and You are constantly reminded (null, in the best possible way) of Domina doing what she does best , play with her slave and never let slave forget who owns him . A must have fun file. SURRENDER U
Wednesday, 09 September 2015
I really like this trigger a lot, and I definitely get the sense Domina does too. It's pretty funny, and oddly I look forward to the times it does come up and I can obey Domina this way. There's no chance you'll forget who owns you with this one, in fact you'll be reminded quite constantly.
Friday, 28 August 2015
Looks like i will be a bit uncomfortable tomorrow :) however this will constantly remind me of my Domina!
Thursday, 20 August 2015
Hmmm well yeah Pricness can make us do anything even something silly like this, Puppy surely loves to obey, but still that´s a silly Trigger and each time Puppy has to do this it fears that something awkward could happen xD
Wednesday, 24 September 2014
It is so much fun when Domina teaches me a new trigger. Even or especially when i'm not knowing what Her trigger might force me to do. And by now it seems i'm really forced to do it, i obeyed instantly without thought and without question. Without spoiling too much this trigger is very wicked and the result will last a bit longer than some minutes.
Sunday, 27 October 2013
i love the playground! getting a message is like she's speaking to me and then some... fun and interesting things follow, especially with this one.
Wednesday, 28 August 2013
So devious! It feels so good to be controlled by Princess Shelle.
Monday, 11 June 2012
Journey slave review, i Love Mistress control, and i Love to obey her, this is my first playground file for me and i Loved it, and i am sure everyone will love this experience of losing control
Saturday, 26 May 2012
This letter is very powerful and shows how much control Princess Shelle really have over me. Just one letter and I have to think about her for the next 24 hours. No chance to resist.
Wednesday, 23 May 2012
It's getting to be impossible to stop buying Princess Shelle's MP3s. I think Her playground series are quite insidious really, but absolutely irresistable. Each file is short, but requires that you listen to the initiation file first, further cementing Her control over your mind and installing Her as a permanent fixture in your head. I love it!
Friday, 27 January 2012
Whenever I receive "u", I feel the superiority of Domina Shelle ever more strongly. It is a constant reminder of her power. Only her voice, only a letter is sufficient for her to manipulate and dominate men's mind completely. And the upshot is that it feels so good to be controlled and educated by Domina Shelle.
Tuesday, 03 January 2012
I love this one, although so far i've been fairly lucky in where i have been when Princess has used it. Still it lasts 24 hours and the condition of the trigger means that Princess is constantly in my mind over that time.
Sunday, 11 December 2011
Princess Shelle is super playful in her playground. I'm enjoying the whole experience immensely. The assignment associated with this phrase is awesome because there is absolutely no apparently reason for doing it other than to amuse Princess. I love it :)
Saturday, 10 December 2011
This letter U is quite wicked. i'm just a toy for Princess to play with and find amusement. Toys are so happy when their Owner's play with them...
Friday, 09 December 2011
Princess Shelle is certainly having a lot of fun with this playground, and you will too... so good to be under such control...
Friday, 09 December 2011
This slave is happily, helplessly lost in the maze of triggers that the Goddess Princess Shelle is weaving ever deeper into his mind, and is oh so happy to descend further and deeper into that wonderful maze. Give up your boundaries to Princess Shelle, and let another word become programmed with magical subversion, to be at the beck and call of Princess' enjoyment.
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