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Shelle's Trigger File #2 - Just 12


Product SKU: Shelle's Trigger File #2 - Just 12

File #2 of Shelle's Trigger Files: Just 12. Look out, GREAT will think of Me.

Level: Mild
Category: Mind Control

File #2 of Shelle's Trigger Files:  Just 12.  In these series of files I will place triggers in your mind that will be regularly activated during your day to remind you of who owns you.

Look out, GREAT will think of Me

My GIFT!!!!  Included Listen and OBEY--- Relaxation....listen to this before your triggers each time...also TRIGGERS should be listened to at LEAST 3 times each.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016
12 will have sooo much meaning for you, so easy, so simple and still sooo strong, if you start to watch out for the number, don´t worry about it, that´s normal, after a while you get used to it and obey somewhat unkowingly, even if you do know why you do what you do...
Wednesday, 10 December 2014
There are so many 12's in the day, 12 noon, 12's on the car tag in front of me, 12 on the paper work at work, $25 and 12 cents at the store, so many chances to have Domina take my mind during the day. I cant wait to go look for all the 12s =)I already think of her 24/7, but this will prove shes not only on my mind, but in it, controlling it, and I love her for it.
Wednesday, 11 June 2014
It makes my day so much better to always be reminded of Domina Shelle. I like this one a lot because it’s impossible to forget and is a nice little ritual that brings more of Her influence into my life.
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