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Sign up HERE---Shelle's PlaygroundSign up HERE---Shelle's Playground

Sign up HERE---Shelle's Playground


Product SKU: Sign up HERE---Shelle's Playground

Sign up for Shelle's Playground TRIGGER TRAINING. Surrender-FF included.

Included in this sign-up is Shelle's Playground--Surrender FF file.  The Iniation file is also included for new CUMMERS!

My private “club”


When you listen to My sessions, or W/we have a call----you choose the time and place of your submission and service to Me---BUT, there are many slaves who want to feel My power over them grow even further.

Imagine receiving a text/tweet command/assigment from Me ---any time---day, or night,--- whenever your DOMINA SHELLE feels like it—knowing that you have no ability nor desire to resist.


I know that excites you-My GOOD BOY-----so your fun loving, but slightly wicked Princess, is now inviting you to


If you are ready for some real time action, on MY SCHEDULE-----sign up to be a member of My playground, and I will enter your life in a new, and even more exciting way----giggle.

Shelle's playground is a private "club" and EMAIL interaction, and commands will only be emailed to those who have signed up.  Once you have downloaded your Surrender FF file (HERE), send Me an email with (Sign Up) in the subject line to ensure your additional email -- mind f*ck playtime and naughty fun.

Don't miss out on your very much needed TRIGGER TRAINING.

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Thursday, 18 July 2019
This file is so arousing, lucid, and vivid. I fell to my knees at Domina’s beautiful feet. Then with reverence I gently lifted her sparkling high heels. I unbuckled the straps around her ankles slipping them off while caressing her soft skin and manicured toes. While sinking into an ever more obsession with her feet, groveling and kissing her pink toenails, she proceeds to give me instructions, very specific instructions . . . for the love of my Goddess, I will leave you in suspense as to what those orders were, but I will say, I was compelled as always to follow her every ‘innocent’ word. I never feel more submissive to my Domina than when I’m serving her at her feet.
Tuesday, 20 September 2016
Shelle's playground is one of my favorite places to visit that Domina has constructed in my head. Obedience is pleasure and there is much pleasure to be found on the playground. i get a thrill with each opportunity to obey. Please Domina, Please may i have another command? i love to obey my Domina.
Friday, 15 July 2016
The thing with this Surrender Triggers is, it´s hard to describe them, the most fun about this is this not knowing what will happen, thinking to may know it and then getting surprised by what it actually is, i do not want to take this surprise, not knowing and excitment away from anyone, so all i will say is, this one is my new Favorite Trigger and my lovely Pricess told me i would love this one, as soon as she said this i had an Idea for what this could stand for i was right and with this my lovely Princess also was right, cause i absolutly loved this one and still do
Saturday, 09 July 2016
i love the concept of Shelle'S Playground where She decides what to do regardless where i am or which time of day. i completely surrender to Her power and so i embrace giving Her this power. Now for the newest trigger that is included in the Sign Up, i won't spoil much, only so much that it strengthens one of my strongest fetishes... giggles... so i enjoyed obeying the new commands fully.
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