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Sissy Foundation | Shelle RiversSissy Foundation | Shelle Rivers

Sissy Foundation


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Strip down to your pink panties, lie back and listen...

Sissy Foundation (50 minutes):

Sissy Foundation will implant the required foundation mindset and acceptance of who you are to becum, My pet.  The session will create an acceptance and desire to be the real you and while slowly morphing your desires to your new feminine reality and needs.  I will implant new habits and rid you of your ugly masculine habits.

So, My pet, let My sweet southern voice sooth your masculine desires and ways and replace it with a feminine set of attributes and desires.  To achieve the full benefits of the MP3 you will need and want to listen to it again and again.  Each listen edging away whatever masculinity you have left as you accept your reality of an enslaved sissy gurl.

My enslaved pet, it is time to strip down to your pink panties, lie back and listen to 50 minutes of feminine bliss.  It is time to acquire Sissy Foundation now.

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Sunday, 31 January 2021
Sometimes Domina very slowly and gently guides Her plaything down, softly coaxing them into a dreamy state, of trance... Others not so much; by no means was this an unpleasant induction, She just shocked me with how fast i was taken. From hearing Her soft sweet voice, to dropping down, took mere seconds it seemed. Very few words were spoken before She was counting down, and my willing mind just happily went along for the ride. i know that wasn't good enough for Her though, and She counted again, and then some more, and then i lost count of the countdowns, as She took me on a journey to a beautiful, magical land, where She could take Her time, to enchant my malleable mind, leaving some oh so easy to accept suggestions behind. i would honestly say, that even if you have no sissy desires, this file is worth a try, just for the sublime sense of serenity, She manages to induce. Domina is not mean, She is not demanding, and it honestly feels that in this one, She is even far from commanding. This was a magical journey with Her sweet Princess persona, and it was beautiful to behold.
Tuesday, 20 November 2018
I love how powerful some fantasies become under hypnosis – imagination feel almost real. The perfect place to relax and explore – free of any risk or danger. And what can be better place than a magic forest – where the unlikely is expected to happen. I can be a beast, a king, a dancer – the manliest man and the girliest girl. The latter is a common fantasy but often difficult to explore. Domina takes me into the enchanted lake of Her sleeping forest – the safest place for fantasies to become reality and what I experience feels real as Domina gently guides my imagination. Did I say it is safe? Well, there might be some permanent changes as Domina not only guides imagination but also desire.
Saturday, 17 November 2018
An excellent foundation for any sissy. This file will help you truly become the complete sissy you desire to be. Highly recommended.
Saturday, 17 November 2018
This session is truly a foundation for any sissy out there... for anyone who wants to feel like a girly gurl ... i feel so happy-go-lucky now... and this was only my first listening... within the trance i felt true arousal... not just the one coming from my sissy clitty, it was like being caressed at all parts of my smoothly shaven body at once and at the same time compelled with tingling waves of pleasure running through the inside of my body... This is a masterpiece... well Mistresspiece in feminization and sissification! Thank You soooo much for this my beloved Domina!!!
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