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Sissy Tease and...Oh, My! | Shelle RiversSissy Tease and...Oh, My! | Shelle Rivers

Sissy Tease and...Oh, My!


Product SKU: Sissy Tease and...Oh, My!

you do love playing in your panties....for Me, don't you?

Sissy Tease and...Oh, My! (12 minutes):

What does JOI mean, for My sissy girl, especially in the world of your Domina?

Do you want to find out?
Are you ready for a little wicked MIND/clitty MANIPULATION?
Domina Shelle takes all control with Her SEXUAL POWER over you... you do love playing in your panties....for Me, don't you?

This is one of your many compulsions, you will not be able to resist.

Do I have your attention, My lil cum slut?  you love it when I call you My lil slut, don't you?
I thought so.

I wanted your attention, because there's something else I want too...

No, silly, not that!

I want your mind! ((giggles))

Oh, don't look so disappointed, My sweet, I am going to allow you to play inside your panties, between your legs...Just for Me.  Giggles...

I will have all control, I always do when your clitty is all wet and swollen.  It's so easy to manipulate you, especially when you are so f*cking HORNY!

It makes Me so fucking hot when you touch yourself for Me, to amuse Me; following My instructions EXACTLY...
I love it when you HUMP at My command, to the pace that I set, knowing that you are My sexual puppet...

Admit it, My baby, you love it too!

W/we both know that you will do anything I say, whenever I say...

I'm going to allow you to CUM...There are conditions though... you must OBEY every little suggestion perfectly, and I get to decide when you cum!

Yes, that's it, My sweet, those are My conditions...

Just one more link in your mental bondage; your complete enslavement to Me.

See, My sweet, when you follow My instructions, W/we both win!

PLEASING Me is a GIFT...This is what makes you happy.  PLEASE ME NOW!

Click now and download, My lil sissy.

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