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slave Puppet | Shelle Riversslave Puppet | Shelle Rivers

slave Puppet


Product SKU: slave Puppet

I will take you to new heights of serving and pleasing your Mistress.

Session Length: 40 minutes
Level: Moderate
Category: Mind Control-Naughty Tease--Erotic Hypnosis

Come spend some time with Me while I transport you into the world I have created just for you, My horny pet, your heaven on earth.  My voice will transform you into My puppet, weak and obedient for Me.  you will be exactly where you will need to be, yes, before your Domina, your Queen, learning and living your new mantra.

I will take you to new heights of serving and pleasing your Mistress.  I can assure you, pleasing Me never felt this good.  Becoming My useful slave puppet will be your goal, as your training continues.  This is the next step in your journey to become My Perfect slave.  When you finish the file, wipe the smile off your face ~giggles~, but remember the exhilaration you felt, because it’s about to increase.

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Friday, 23 September 2022
Simply incredible! Only Domina Shelle could animate my body and even have me stand and do all sorts of sexy and wonderful things to serve her absolute beauty while i was COMPLETELY asleep! i lost ALL control of my body and was only able to do as i was told and experience everything as it unfolded… Absolutely wonderful, sexy, and POWERFUL!!!
Thursday, 02 April 2015
This file is straight out of my fantasies. Being controlled and commanded by Domina is always amazing - but this interactive experience is truly unique. Thank you Domina, for making me into your puppet, and for giving me such a wonderful reward for my service to you.
Friday, 06 February 2015
I cannot but smile at this file. Domina Shelle knows how to hypnotize her puppets! So nice, so gentle and...caught again and with surprising effects. How will you end up as a puppet, through which training? Listen and follow the path...
Monday, 02 February 2015
So hot. First I'm taken to deep sleep and then the fun begins. This file is straight fom my fantasy. I'm just a toy to be used. A puppet in strings. Domina can use me and cum all She want's. I get to stay horny for my Domina. Just as it should be.
Sunday, 25 January 2015
journey slave review Hummm all in all this File is amazing, you will experience heaven, you will melt, you will lose control of your Body and Princess will take over, she will make you do whatever she wants and trust me you will love what She does with you, honestly i am pretty sure for this you don´t even need to be Hypnotise, well that goes atleast for me, i would kill to do this for Real Anyway since a while there are a few Cons to a File and i have to be honest, keep in Mind that´s only my Opinion... i learned to listen to Erotic Hypnosis always naked, i guess it´s oblivious why...So if you implement something like taking off clothes for you, you may should state that we should start the listening with clothes on - same goes for the Movement, it would be nice to know this before the listening, so that we can be prepared Well this Cons don´t really go for the File itself it´s more a lack of Information, but whatever
Sunday, 25 January 2015

Creations that are manipulated by the strings of a puppeteer. I admit I sometimes wondered what it would be like to be as brainless as a wooden puppet. Ones like I've seen in fantasy. Controlled completely by the strings of a puppeteer. Hmm... well, after this file I can truly say I have a new found respect for just how powerful and deliciously evil Domina Queen Shelle is. This file is such a seductive and sexual audio tease. The arousal will cum.The control will be real. The way Domina used my body and arousal to control me was so mind blowing. It left me powerless to her control of my body. She is so strong, I am so weak for her.

When i finally saw Domina in front of me with her crown, I almost wept. Even in front of her wicked smile... I felt stripped and vulnerable. For the rest of this session I felt completely owned and powerless to my Queen Domina Shelle. The submission you will feel is real. There was literally nothing I could do but watch my body be pulled along by her strings. Domina pointed and I jumped. She waved her hands and I would stroke. She would whisper and before I know it I am kneeling in my bedroom, kissing her feet and surrendering to her will.

Domina's seductive style is what makes this file so addictive. You will fall in love with Domina even more after this session. Just like I have. I give myself to Domina in everyway. My reality is I am a puppet for her. It feels good to just obey. To move where she tells me. To do as I am told. I serve only Domina. She is my Domina,my queen, and i am her puppet. There is no place I would rather be than under her feet and serving her. Being in trance for her is so easy. So good. Serve her, as I do. Become the brainless, mindless puppet you know you have longed to be. Join us, and enjoy Domina Shelle's wicked control. She can be evil... but in her case evil is soooo gooooodddd. I am helpless to her desires and i love it....i love it!!!
Sunday, 25 January 2015
i love to be mindlessly controlled by my Domina, this time in a more interactive way again. Right now after listening i'm still relaxed, very horny and also happy of that visions in my mind of me pleasing my Domina. Thank You so much my beloved Domina for this, i dream off pleasing You this way someday in the future.
Saturday, 24 January 2015
Yes, the smile on my face. Domina Shelle creates a most euphoric trip. Surprising and, with any luck, auguring things to come. The vision will linger and linger and linger. Oh, my.
Friday, 23 January 2015
Hypnotised and relaxed to the point of paralysis, then Domina begins to actively control you. You are already Domina Shelle's puppet, but sometimes it is nice to feel those strings being pulled. Slave Puppet is begins with a very relaxing induction, and ends with moaning and begging. The subject will be experiencing both, but Domina knows exactly how to extract Her pleasure.
Friday, 23 January 2015
WOW, that was intense, a very strong, SEXY and SUPER Erotic file
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