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Slave Stories


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"A slave's Tale"

Slave Stories Assignment

I want "A slave's Tale".  It’s TIME for My slave to work for your Domina Shelle and give Me your story, so I can profit from your hard labor and possibly add it to “Book Of Shelle” that I will sell both on My website and Amazon.

OR WRITE A SCRIPT FOR ME THAT YOU WANT ME TO TURN INTO A CUSTOM FILE FOR YOU.  What do you want to hear ME tell you, My slave? (Contact Me to discuss this more)

I am also commissioning these storylines of interest to Me.  SIGN UP and contact Me about the story you want to write for Me.

1.  Write a Love letter of your addiction and desires for Me.

2.  Sissy topics: Transformation, sissy slut, story of your choice.

3.  Life as My Chastity slave.

4.  Sexy, arousing XXX Domina-slave story. (Subject to My editing. ~giggles~)

5.  Experiencing the Pleasure of serving your Domina.

6.  Experiencing the Pleasure of strict obedience to your Domina.

7.  Account of Experience of listening to Domina’s file session.

8.  FETISH- deep exploration of choice. (or contact Me to choose one for you)

9.  Being My financial slave.

10. Story of begging and getting Domina’s permission to stroke and cum for Me....from the beginning all the way to the CLIMAX.

Now, get busy thinking of your SHORT STORY or one I choose for you in MY book of slaves' TALES and drop your story at My sexy feet and beg Me to accept it as your offering of dedication to your Domina.  I will decide to post it on SFS.  If needed, I’ll proofread and edit.

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Saturday, 28 April 2018
Writing your story or a story how Domina Shelle has enslaved someone is so arousing. The act or writing kept me hard and horny. Knowing that Domina Shelle will read my story and help me is an unbelievable honor. If you have dedicated yourself to Domina Shelle, you must write your story - for yourself and for your Domina.
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