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Slipped Into Trance - Sissy | Shelle RiversSlipped Into Trance - Sissy | Shelle Rivers

Slipped Into Trance - Sissy


Product SKU: Slipped Into Trance - Sissy

I love playing with your GIRLY mind...

Slipped Into Trance - Sissy (24 minutes):

I sometimes get LOST in FANTASY.  I close my eyes as I touch my barely covered BREASTS.  My skin feels just like velvet, with a hint of wetness like the morning DEW.  My NIPPLES press hard against the fabric and I feel My soft lace panties as they become very MOIST.  I slide My hand into My panties and feel the wetness with My fingers.  Did that get your attention?  Oh, I know you, My sissy, this is exactly what you want...Isn't it?  you love feeling SLIPPERY.

I love playing with your GIRLY mind.

I’ll use My enchanting sweet and innocent voice to throw you off guard...Sneaky WICKED Domina...but I try to be good.  There's just something about My voice that causes you to SLIP Into Trance.  Sometimes I sneak little TRIGGERS or ideas into your open and suggestible mind…sometimes I cause NEW obsessions or addictions to form within you.  The funny thing is, you love it when I just do what I want without giving you any indication of where I may be taking you.

Trust Me, and Listen now.  you'll see how good I am to you, My baby girl.....I know that some say that I ensnare girls like you--TRAP you...but, don't listen to that.  Trust ME!  Listen NOW.  This is good for you. ***WICKED GIGGLES***

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Sunday, 20 November 2022
Another incredibly sexy masterpiece by the lovely and powerful Domina Shelle! Domina puts so much work and detail into Her sessions and i just can’t wait to listen over and over again!!!
Saturday, 19 November 2022
A truly beautiful file, that brings pleasure so sublime, into my deeply hypnotised, malleable mind. This is a truly wonderful experience for anybody who simply wants to give in to Domina Shelle. Unlike the self important person who left the first review, I won't give spoilers, since Domina deliberately went out of Her way to give a teasing description without detail.
Saturday, 19 November 2022
Domina Shelle is in my view the most perfect Erotic Hypnotist there is, well it certainly works for me. To be honest ive never been happier now that Domina has me under Her control, my life is now fun, sexy and bliss! Domina Shelle, if You read this, Please accept my Thanks for all your hard work and i BEG You to take me deeper into my mind and Your world. You are an Incredible Woman!!!
Saturday, 19 November 2022
i remember back some month ago when my beloved Owner, Domina did use me as a guinea pig for this file. Since back then when She increased my addiction to Her perfect sexy feet and toes, i do long to listen to this file. And now She has finally released it and OMG there is a sissy version too. i am so thankful for this file and the arousal and pleasure i got from it. And of course this further increase of addiction to my Domina's feet and toes. It's a lil bit of torture not being able lick, kiss and suck as the glass did hold me back. Though this blockade only enhances the need to submit to Her and to Love, Honor and Obey Her.
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