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Snapped | Shelle RiversSnapped | Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: Snapped

Sexy Trigger training by Domina Shelle.

Session: 39 minutes
Level: Strong
Category: Mind Control-Erotic

Sexy Trigger training.  I’ll snap My fingers and you will OBEY.  With each and every snap of My sexy little fingers you do what I want.  This session is a simple TRAINING IN OBEDIENCE.  you LOVE to obey your POWERFUL Domina.  It’s always sexy to OBEY ME!  If you LOVE INTERACTION and finger snaps, you will love this session.

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Sunday, 12 December 2021
Wow talk about being put into trance only to be controlled like a puppet. Domina did just that. She took me into a deep trance, made me do tricks and then ultimately made me do the most amazing trick at the end. i loved this session. i loved every finger snap that our beloved Domina made. i will always be Hers. i will always be controlled by Domina and i will be loving every minute of it. i wish Domina used more finger snaps in Her sessions.
Thursday, 09 February 2017
The state of mind influences the body posture - this is well known and most often referred to as body language . But it's not a . I enjoyed every second of this recording and I recommend to really follow every of her commands for the full experience.
I wish She would snap her finger now!
Monday, 30 November 2015
A woman snapping her fingers has always commanded my attention, and when Domina commands my attention, I take notice! and when She snaps Her beautiful fingers I really snap to it and take notice. I truly believe Domina can control anything with the snap of Her fingers. I'd say Shes hard to resist, but I never try resisting Her, so I wouldn't know if this is hard to resist. You'll have to ask someone else about that.
Tuesday, 17 November 2015
There has always been something about a woman snapping her fingers. but Domina can make me do ANYTHING with the snap of Her fingers.
Thursday, 12 November 2015
Just another great file from Domina. Some impression of déjà vu ( in a previous file , as i've got more than 200 files of Domina, can't remember which one ) but i just can't resist to obey Her at each snap of Her fingers and i love it...
Thursday, 12 November 2015
Loved the control Domina Shelle had over me in this file. i'm not really sure what i expected from this file but the ending wasn't it. If i had any idea what was going to happen in this file i may have closed the blinds. Although, having them opened just served to demonstrate that Domina Shelle can make me do anything, at any time, with anybody possibly watching. i am Hers, without thought, without question.
Thursday, 12 November 2015
This was soo hot!!! I loved it. Finger snapping as part of the hypnotizing process has always worked well for me. There's jus something in that "SNAP" sound that gives the suggestion/command more impact, more power.
Wednesday, 11 November 2015
I loved this file! At the snap of Domina's fingers I am helpless but to obey.
Tuesday, 10 November 2015
So Hard to resist, just a snap of Her finger and you will obey whatever she says, i love how deeper Her control is getting :)
Monday, 09 November 2015
What an amazing File this was, i can´t say that the example where fitting for me, honestly if i think back i can´t remember at all that a women ever snapped me to attention, but it sounded very logical and we all know Princess is always right anyway, so it was easy to believe this and even if you will not believe this as soon as she starts to play around with the snaps and you react to them you simply will see that you have to admit that it´s the truth...i for myself loved this File, each snap was like a command, each time i obeyed before i even was aware about it, i obeyed everything, found myself barking, dancing, well fidgeting like a fish on ground is more fitting and yes as i did realized what i was doing i started to blush, but also had to smile and laugh about the knowing how easily she could make me do something silly like this, to shorten this a bit, each time she snapped i simply obeyed and i am sure if she reinforces this everything can be possible, even undressing in public or cumming in pants, so yes this seemingly simple and fun Trigger can end up as a very powerful and scary one with a bit more conditioning :P
Monday, 09 November 2015
Snapped is a fantastic trigger play file. Fans of finger snapping will adore it, and the hypnotic play involved will have you coming back for more and more. While there is definitely conditioning present within this file, it stands as a reminder that Domina Shelle loves to play with Her toys just as much as we love to be played with.
Sunday, 08 November 2015
Domina Shelle brings out the submissive in me and takes me for a ride. SHE is in control. SHE is the manipulator. i am an instrument of HER will, and it feels very very good.
Sunday, 08 November 2015
An amazingly powerful file...furthering your enslavement to one of the most amazing HypnoDommes it has ever listened too. This file is both erotic and hypnotically artistic with the visualizations so real you will second guess yourself whether the experience actually occurred.

Domina Shelle you are amazing, sexy and the most desirous Womyn it has ever known (and will know). A must listen file if you desire to experience true euphoria.
Sunday, 08 November 2015
This file is a conditioning in mindless obedience. Whatever Domina Shelle says after snapping Her fingers is a command for me. So i do remember doing silly things for Her during this session... giggles... and a lot of barking?! The people living beneath my apartment must believe i have a dog... giggles... And of course my beloved Domina made this one a arousing as most of Her files. She controls my whole body with the snap of Her fingers. So She can control my actions even easier. In fact as i felt when i awoke again and still feeling now like a lil puppet whose strings are connected to Your sexy fingers. i am forced to do whatever You say after snapping those fingers of Yours. i love to please You through my obedience this way my powerful Princess.
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