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Subliminized - Deep Insertion | Shelle RiversSubliminized - Deep Insertion | Shelle Rivers

Subliminized - Deep Insertion


Product SKU: Subliminized - Deep Insertion

you love when I fuck with your mind...

Session Length: 29+ minutes
Category: Confusion-Mind Control-Brainwashing

I continue to realign the mental processes of your subconscious mind.  you love when I fuck with your mind.  This session will take you TOTALLY by surprise, you won't know what hits you...or where it will take you.  NO MORE INFO... I will ONLY tell you that DISTRACTION and CONFUSION are perfect weapons to disguise, just where I want to lead My subject.  This trance will sneak up on you...Just relax and follow My voice as I bring you through parts of a very familiar, effective induction.  I weave a concept SO powerful...and won't know what you get until go....where I take you, ONLY I know.

MIND FUCK, CONFUSIONAL, DISTRACTION, MIND CONTROL...subliminal messages on many levels.

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Thursday, 25 March 2021
Wow. i woke up so hard and horny. i can't remember anything that happened during that file. Or what Domina did. i do remember how hard and wet i was at the end. Domina is just AMAZING. No one can do what she does. No one can make me that aroused, hard and horny. Only Domina can make me feel this good. i am forever Hers. Complete Servitude. Hmmm im off to listen to this again.
Tuesday, 17 April 2018
What just happened, when can i do it again, and when is the next one? Nothing more need be said.
Thursday, 29 March 2018
I think I listen to this one but I honestly can’t remember if maybe it was the other one. Oh well if I did then she really mindfuck me into not remembering anything
Sunday, 25 March 2018
i wasn't even sure had i listened this or not. Can't remember what happened. i wonder how My Domina is fucking my mind this time?
Wednesday, 14 March 2018
This session will take you TOTALLY by surprise, you won't know what hits you...or where it will take you

Well there is nothing more for me to say other then Princess was right as usual, after waking up bliss and pleasure were undeniable, but there was way more then that, this File was a total mind fuck, a complete lose of mind, i have absolutly no idea how to describe this, i never was this lost listening to a File, i can´t even tell if i actually heard words vague or if i just imagened them, beside the undeniable bliss and pleasure she caused and this totally different feeling i can´t even describe in words i have no clue about what happened, all i know is that i want to listen to it again and again and again, not to understand what´s going on, just to be at this w
Sunday, 11 March 2018
This session is really a mind f*ck since Your conscious mind will be unable to reconcile the confusional induction along with a focused need to stroke for Domina. Overwhelmed the listener will go deep into trance obeying Domina's commands to focus on stroking. This is when Domina has you and thereafter subliminals bombard your susceptible mind and condition you at a subconscious level. Its very hard to give specific details about this session since the details are foggy, i suspect due to hypnosis induced amnesia. When you wake from trance you feel good but also acutely aware that at some level you relinquished more of you control to Domina. That feeling of loss of control is compulsive and you will already be planning when to listen to the file again. That alone tells you how good this file is and why you need it in your collection of must have sessions by Domina Shelle.
Wednesday, 07 March 2018
Five years ago had someone told me i'd be eagerly waiting to let someone change my subconscious mind for their own purpose, I'd have laughed in their face, but that was before I fell to my knees in complete servitude to Domina Shelle. Now i'll willingly and eagerly submit to anything She chooses for me. I have no idea what this file is doing to my mind, but Domina wants it, so therefore so do I. I love my Domina and will do anything to please Her
Tuesday, 06 March 2018
I woke up feeling wonderful following this file. I am oddly certain that the file achieves its intended purpose. Beyond that I don't have any details regarding this file.
Monday, 05 March 2018
Domina Shelle will hypnotize Her subjects easily in this session. Enjoy the pleasure of this file as it builds over and over. Her voice is so wonderful in this file, and Her voice is pleasure. She is so sweet and beautiful, and listening helps me to be a better slave. i really loved Her programming in this file, but i have a hard time remembering what She did.
Sunday, 04 March 2018
After i passed out on the first time i did listen a second time and still all i know is that i am feeling aroused and happy. i remember Domina whispering to me with only increased my arousal for Her and my need to submit and obey Her deeper. It is not important that i do not remember a thing of it, all i know is that i must re-listen as oftern as possible
Saturday, 03 March 2018
She did it again! The file is very similar to the first insertion of subliminal messages. Even after a second listening I do not manage to keep conscious awareness and when I wake up I wonder if I have listened to the end of the file at all. But there is confusion and the vague awareness that there is something hidden in my mind, ready to break free upon Her command. Great file to relax deeeeeep and get a gentle pleasurable mind massage.
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