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Sweet Manipulation | Shelle RiversSweet Manipulation | Shelle Rivers

Sweet Manipulation


Product SKU: Sweet Manipulation

Obedience to Me is your one true pleasure...

Session Length: 46 minutes

My puppy, I know you try so HARD to think of Me every day, listening to My sessions as time permits, and fantasizing about Me when you get those occasional erotic urges to submit and surrender to a dominant deviant Woman with the power to manipulate your submissive mind.

I also appreciate that sometimes My pets are so TIRED from the day that when you do listen to My sessions, to RELAX or escape into My world of erotic submissive bliss, you find yourself increasingly falling asleep, waking afterwards refreshed and aroused but secretly wondering if My sessions are as powerful as you once believed.  I understand how and why this doubt creeps into your mind so I am here to help you realize the TRUTH of My control and why My hypnotic brainwashing, and its ability to influence your daily life, is both substantive and REAL!

In this session I will use My sweet manipulation to demonstrate what a skilled hypnotist can do with a prepared and, possibly, skeptical subject.  I know you want to TRUST in Me and with your support I will exercise to help maximize your potential by promoting the benefits of a full night of RESTFUL sleep.  Each day you will awake invigorated, energized, with increased incentive to please your Domina, supporting Me in all My endeavors, and viewing Me more and more as a positive (sexy) role model in your life. (Giggles)

Yes, My horny and aroused pet, I am here to take care of you, and with My expert guidance, you will FORGET about your worries and ACCEPT that obedience to Me is your one true pleasure, and importantly Domina knows best.

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Tuesday, 22 November 2022
i don’t believe that i have ever awoken from a recording as aroused and close to the edge yearning to hear just one more finger snap from Domina Shelle as i have with this session. This is especially true since Domina put me on strict lockdown forbidding me permission to touch Her sex even if a recording permits it.
Monday, 31 May 2021
Wow i have a new favorite file. Domina put me into one of the deepest sleeps i have ever been in. i just loved how relaxing it felt. i woke feeling amazing, rested and very aroused. i am going to listen to this one often. Especially to help me sleep at night. If you have trouble sleeping, this file could certainly help you. It couldn't hurt to try it.
Tuesday, 26 March 2019
i really liked this session. It was so nice and relaxing. i felt so good and refreshed after listening this. Full of energy.
Thursday, 10 January 2019
Sweet Manipulation is my current favorite out of an eye-watering 79 files by Shelle Rivers in my collection. The reason it’s my favorite is partly because it is so relaxing and beautiful to listen to but mainly because it’s probably the most effective amnesia file I have experienced. I do remember enough to review the file but there is always a large segment in the middle from which I awake — during trance and still under hypnosis — proving that I have either fallen asleep at the exact same point (I’ve listened to it about ten times now) or more likely been “awake” under hypnosis but lost any conscious awareness of the session. The file features a long induction, confusion techniques and reverse psychology which makes a mockery of any skepticism you may have. After the induction it then uses your skepticism against you, persuading you to have confidence in your ability to resist Princess Shelle’s hypnosis but at the same time giving you an underlying belief that this confidence is misplaced. I’m not really doing justice to the exact nature of the mind f*ck but I seem to understand what I’m supposed to think on some deep level and am incapable of finding the motivation or wherewithal to challenge it in any meaningful way. In summary, this is a beautiful recording that will go a long way to help you free yourself of any resistance you may have to Princess Shelle.
Wednesday, 19 December 2018
It's so sweet of our Domina to take a break from messing with our minds to just give us this wonderful file where we relax to her voice and she helps us sleep better at night. If you are having trouble sleeping, I highly recommend this file.
Monday, 17 December 2018
I'd love to write a review for this file, but i'm afraid that i can't stay awake for the whole thing. All I can say for certain is that every time i wake up feeling great and aroused.
Monday, 17 December 2018
if anyone thinks that he can't be hypnotized or can resist hypnosis, give this session a try! i seriously tried to resist and not to pay too much attention, only to find myself waking up, not knowing what happened. I try to remember, but my memories seem to be blocked from my conscious mind.
Monday, 17 December 2018
i know I remember, but I cant remember. I cant explain it. Domina does what She wants with my mind. i'm just here for the sweet ride. I know it was sexy. With Dominas voice it has to be sexy, but it had me so aroused. I know She hypnotized me. I think... I cant wait to be confused again by this file. i'll be listening again tonight. This file just reinforces the fact that Domina owns my mind. She just lets me use it
Sunday, 16 December 2018
i have no clue what Domina Shelle did in the file... all i can remember is that She said that She did not try to hypnotize me... still i must have fallen asleep everytime i did listen so far... awaking later i was relaxed, still a bit dizzy and filled with thoughts of my beloved Domina Shelle. i have cravings to listen again as soon as i go to bed.
Sunday, 16 December 2018
Did listen at the file and had it in a loop. I was very relaxed. I did fall a sleep rather soon, but woke u very refreshed indeed. Today i kept drifting away and found my thoughts with Goddess Shelly and i am l
Sunday, 16 December 2018
Where do you begin with this session? Well i remember relaxing before listening to it and a l to catch me. After that it's just a blur. i awoke confused hearing Her voice still and i'm stroking with a passion i can barely describe. At first i thought i had just fallen asleep but the more i think about the session i get this warm glow and insatiable desire to listen to the session again even though i remember nothing significant. It's been like this For the past 12 hours and i find myself longing to listen to it again, preoccupied by thoughts of Domina and what She did to me. As a hypno fetishist and a believer in FLR words cannot describe how alluring these feelings are. Whatever Domina did it was wonderful and i crave more.
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