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Teachers Pet Tribute - $5 | Shelle RiversTeachers Pet Tribute - $5 | Shelle Rivers

Teacher's Pet Tribute - $5


Product SKU: Teacher's Pet Tribute - $5

It's so sexy to be The TEACHER'S pet...

It's so sexy to be The TEACHER'S pet.  Maybe She will keep you after class?


Wednesday, 22 March 2023
it really is so SO HOT to be the Teachers pet!!! Obedience is Pleasure.. once again Professor Shelles world of erotic hypnosis has taken me hostage oh so sweetly.. i hope she keeps me after class?? *giggles* i can’t stop handing it over to Please Professor Shelle ;)) <33so Blank and Mindless i am completely Mind Fucked by my Teacher, my Domina, my Mistress, my Queen.
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