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The Brainwashing Chamber | Shelle RiversThe Brainwashing Chamber | Shelle Rivers

The Brainwashing Chamber


Product SKU: The Brainwashing Chamber

Imagine what your POWERFUL Dominant Domina might do to you now...

The Brainwashing Chamber (30 minutes):

Domina's Brainwashing Chamber.

Extreme BRAINWASHING---your Domina is taking all CONTROL.

Buckle down for a wild ride to My Brainwashing CHAMBER!

Imagine finding yourself restrained to My white leather couch, and then you hear My voice coming from all around you...
Imagine what your POWERFUL Dominant Domina might do to you now.

Would I stimulate your hidden desires, or would I do something you've never thought of and never even expected?  So sexy to see you so weak for Me...Well, sexy for Me, at least. ***giggles***

What would I do to your vulnerable body?

What might I do to your malleable mind...would I play with you, would I program you, perfect you for Me?

How aroused are you right now, My sweet?

It's okay, you don't need to answer, the swelling between your legs already gave it away.

Do you want to find out what happens next?  Of course you do, that's why you are here reading this...

Well, you know what to do, pet, you will download this REQUIRED session, right now, and listen again and again.
It will become a compulsion, lean into the effects, and embrace them again and again...Repetition is the law of Hypnosis.

Trust Me, My sweet, you will thank Me for this.

This is essential programming for all of My slaves, so, don't hesitate, don't wait, go download this now, and accept what happens.

I always know what you want and NEED.

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Saturday, 20 April 2024
Such a wonderful session for a slave, reality for the contracted, soooo compelling. Also an excellent loop selection. i feel good, that so much of this is comfortable and natural for me. There are a few new, reinforcing concepts. Anything not immediately comfortable, soon will be.
Tuesday, 09 April 2024
This is a deep sleep training session from Domina Shelle. i was in deep trance so fast. Trained to understand what is important being a slave.
Monday, 08 April 2024
i just LOVE looping this sexy brainwashing session over and over again!!! Domina Shelle knows exactly what i need and She permanently programs the right thoughts for me into my brain. Mmmm… This brainwashing session will help perfect you as Domina Shelles loyal and obedient slave and you will love every second of it!
Monday, 08 April 2024
   After listening multiple times, i'm still not quite certain what to say overall... It is already apparent that i needed this, even though i previously didn't know. Domina makes the slide down into trance so easy, and She is so incredibly casual about Her approach, that i was gone before i even truly started to know, or realize. She truly is an expert at Her craft, and it shows. Don't worry about the actual content, or what Domina might do to your mind, just let go and drop, listen to Her, and it will all seem right anyway. There will be no reason to worry, as Domina makes it simple to embrace all of Her words and the effects they have. Domina makes the slide down into that state of sweet, sensual surrender so simple, it's almost impossible not to drop, even when trying to do a conscious listen... Just listen and let go, and soon Her thoughts will be yours, and you'll love it.  
Sunday, 07 April 2024
Domina knows exactly what I need. I need more of this.
Sunday, 07 April 2024
No doubt this is Domina's sexiest, most mind numbing and yes, most effective brainwashing, conditioning and programming session ever! Impossible not to become aroused, excited and hard, Domina will have Her way with You sending you into a most enjoyable deeper and sensual submission.. Perfect!
Saturday, 06 April 2024
Domina Shelle's brainwashing chamber should be a frequent destination for all of Domina's slaves. This session capitalises on some recent triggers and one or two older ones without requiring the listener to be trained in those triggers. It is a perfect session to loop multiple times. This might be my new brainwashing fantasy (reality?).
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