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The Sleeping Forest - Part 4 | Shelle RiversThe Sleeping Forest - Part 4 | Shelle Rivers

The Sleeping Forest - Part 4


Product SKU: The Sleeping Forest - Part 4

The fourth in the series...

Session: 33 minutes
Level: Medium to Hard
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control-Seduction
Sample: LINK

The fourth in the series, taking you on a long and winding journey into service to Me.

By now you are feeling the power within My tale, but W/we have a long way to go, yet, My GOOD BOY.  My tale is reshaping your reality....for O/our benefit...yes, yours and Mine.  I always leave you CONFUSED, bewildered and with a BURNING DESIRE for more.  Come take My hand as I lead you deeper into this EXTRAORDINARY hypnotic tale filled with bliss.

This series is PROGRESSIVE.  you MUST listen to The Sleeping Forest Series in sequence.

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Saturday, 08 May 2021
i Love Domina's Shelle's Sleeping Forest! i can't tell you much about it except that with each listen i become more and more infatuated with Domina and more desperate to Submit to Her Power and Control! There are so many delicious layers to Her Forest and each listen just takes me down Deeper.
Friday, 19 February 2016
Oh my...i guess i got toally lost in the Forest, cause it´s a while that i listened to this Part as well as 5 and 6...welp that´s...just...great...not that i would remember much more as i do remember now, but yeah what i do remember now are Parts of all 3 Files and i can´t say what happened when...was this the Part where she showed me the destination, but i wasn´t ready yet or was this another Part? i really don´t know anymore >..
Wednesday, 24 September 2014
The Sleeping Forest just keeping better and better at each part! As I'm going deeper into the forest, Domina is showing how dependent from her all slaves are. Your passion for Domina will immensely grow. The end of the file will let you confused too, and you ask these question for yourself: What was that? A dream? How did I went here? But then you remember that you are under Domina's spell, and she knows what is best for me. The entire series is a must.
Wednesday, 07 May 2014
Sleeping Forest was a series i at first was not intrigued by AT ALL. But when i was told to study it, i fell so fast and hard for it, i can't recall having this experience with any other set of files. This 4th in the series wasn't working so well for me the first time i listened, but i now can't get enough of it. So many layers, so many messages, such a deep trance! Wow. Not for beginners, though, for sure! Don't miss it!
Tuesday, 28 January 2014
Four parts in and the Sleeping Forest is as mysterious as ever. We’ve seen intense flashes of what the lake holds, a forest of luminous roses, and more; all connected to an alluring yet cryptic woman. This series is the best showcase I think for Domina Shelle’s creativity and talent. It’s also like a really good book without an ending (as of now), and that is super frustrating because I want to be back in the forest again and I need to see what happens next. Captivating. Puzzling. Extraordinary.
Tuesday, 10 December 2013
Testimonial for my Domina : Once more I wake up, in your sleeping forest. Am I in the bar ? Am I bound and helpless into the bed ? Am I sleeping in your sleeping forest ? This series-The Sleeping Forest makes me so confused, my Princess. I have no idea were you plan to lead me. And I sleep with you so deep that I lost track of what is happening. But one think for sure I sink into your words. You are an amazing story teller. Your voice is the voice off a siren and the brief moment underwater was wonderful. Your words are the words form a great poetry. This is strange, because in this forest I feel lost. Remembering things, forgetting other things, but everything is so beautiful. And I can wait to hear the rest. I feel your heart and your dominance in this tale, and you are changing me. I love you even more. I want to be the one you want me to be. I want to listen to this tale over and over again, and listen to the serie endlessly. And I want to know what will come next. Sometimes, when I miss you I listen to one of the serie, I think the sleeping forest series is my first choice while I miss you so much, and I want to hear your voice. I listen to it often, at night, while I come back from work, and this one is another chapter of your masterpiece. I don't know where I am going, I don't know where you will bring me. But I just let myself go. I think if I can describe your beauty, or my feeling toward you with a recording, I will choose this one. I want to sleep in your sleeping forest every night. I want to make my sleeping forest my only home, while I will be kept prisoner and bound to you. Do you accept me as your guest forever ? I sink to your passion. I love the sound of the clock at the end, they add something highly mystical at the end, like your sleeping forest.
Sunday, 01 December 2013
Another masterpiece in this serie. Shorter and less intense than the 3rd one but still amazingly entrancing and making you crave more !! I can't wait for the next one to discover what Mistress has in store for me and to be able to relax more and more in this blissful lake !
Thursday, 14 November 2013
Listening to this file is like getting drugged you will go deep and deep and you will reach the point where you don't want to wake up! i want to listen to 5 and 6 now and i want to listen again to 4, the sleeping forest is absolute bliss! the tingling feeling i have while listening is one of the best feelings i ever had! after listening to this file what i thought is that it's just 5 minutes i still don't know actually it's length!, but after listening all what i want is MORE!, i need MORE! Chapeau!, if there is +5 stars rate i would give it to this file without thinking
Thursday, 14 November 2013
It doesn't SOUND confusing, when Domina Shelle is leading you through the Sleeping Forest. That just might be the most confusing element of the series. Particularly here in the fourth recording in the series; in the moment it seems to make sense, but building scene upon scene, sexy image to seductive image to intimate settings, just when you think you have sure footing, the rug is pulled from under you again. I love the Sleeping Forest series, but i'm still not sure what it's leading to. And i'm completely fine with that, apparently.
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