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The Sleeping Forest - Part 6 by Shelle RiversThe Sleeping Forest - Part 6 by Shelle Rivers

The Sleeping Forest-Part 6 - Insatiable Desire


Product SKU: The Sleeping Forest-Part 6 - Insatiable Desire

Part 6 of the series. Your final destination is almost in sight...

An INSATIABLE trip back to the Woman with crimson lips---DO NOT miss this one.
My tale of the "Sleeping Forest" pulling you back.  Only to bring you closer to your destination... your last stop before you are where you will always be.

Yes, My Darling, welcome back...The journey is almost over....
your destination almost in sight.

As you learn more each time about how your DESIRE--your LUST will be used.

you wait for Me to say those two words that bring you bliss---

"Sleeping Forest"

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Sunday, 30 May 2021
Each part of Domina's Sleeping Forest builds on what came before; and each session is more incredible than the last! I can only imagine what the last part in this amazing series will bring with it!
Friday, 19 February 2016
Oh wait it´s this Part, yeah i do remember it, simply obeying without any thought, unable to stop, actually screaming while listening that she just should own me, begging her to just own me..NEVER in my life i had such an deep and intense desire to submit to someone and i know i said she already owned me, that´s still true, but to this time it was as if i was deciding it, even if i probably did not, but this time it was different, there was not a single thought, it was as if she just decide that i have to be owned and all i could do was mindlessly obey, as this File ended i was more then ready to listen to the last Part, i was looking forward to listen to it on the next day, i even would have listened to it on the same day, but Princess did not allowed this, i had to listen to one File per Day, so i could not wait for the next Day to begin, finally finding my destiny and then the next Day arrived and i got shocked...i don´t had the last Part...i still don´t have it...but i need to have it...i need to follow her lead to my destiny...and well i can´t remember exactly how long this is ago by now, but i still eagerly wait for the last Part, it takes sometime, cause her offer to record some Lines to get them added into the last File was to tempting as that i could have ignored it, so i did took this offer, but because of this i also have to wait, so yes at times i do regret this decision, simply because the waiting isn´t fun, there are no words that could describe how much i crave to listen to the last File in the Series, but i am sure in the end i will love it ^-^
Saturday, 30 January 2016
The second last part of the sleeping forest series, is the most pleasant one and also Domina is laying Her cards on the table as She reveals the purpose of the journey and how i and everyone else who goes so deep into Her forest. Like all of the files of the series i was sleeping right after the file, so deep that most of its content is only fragmented inside my mind. What i know is that i love my Domina and i need to please Her and to give Her pleasure... and of course that i long to hear the final part of the sleeping forest series to complete my long journey through and arrive at Dominas doorstep.
Monday, 02 March 2015
These files have the ability to electrify my entire body and mind throughout them like no other. There's something very special about them, all of the overwhelming sensations, mesmerizing images, and completely addicting story, I think they're easily the best experience I've had in trance. Each one builds on the last so wonderfully that it becomes a journey that will truly stick with you forever. So real it's almost a dual reality at this point, and the enslaving feelings get even stronger still.
Tuesday, 07 October 2014
The pleasure felt in this file is indescribable. Words cannot describe the arousal that this file left with me. The path now is visible, you know how to reach the destination. Your reality and dream will blend and you will be transformed into something new. You will better know your role under Domina's control, and believe in me: I don't know what happened during the trance, but surely was something explosive. If this file was a sneak peak of how the destination looks like, a I can't wait to reach it! The Sleeping Forest is by far the best hypnosis series that I have ever listened. A truly masterpiece.
Saturday, 06 September 2014
can't wait for the final insalment of this exclent tale.
Tuesday, 02 September 2014
Domina's journeys are extremely pleasant and addictive, Her voice so Angelic.. All designed so perfectly to numbing the mind and create heavenly places to rest and forget about the outside world. Just so amazing that on the end i always end up in deep submission for Her.
Thursday, 21 August 2014
Sleeping forest is a journey that can't really be described, you have to experience it. Trust me, you are going to enjoy it and want more and more.
Tuesday, 19 August 2014
My heavens. Domina, has a miraculous ability to find the very thing i needed by providing an even deeper way to serve as Her slave. What a way to come up to speed.
Sunday, 17 August 2014
A spectacular continuation of tale of the crimson lipped woman. An amazing accomplishment in hypnosis, story telling, eroticism and control.
Sunday, 17 August 2014
Admittedly slave got very lost when listening to this, and it can recall few exact details. What slave very clearly remembers is the immense pleasure it experienced towards the end of the file. It was stronger than any orgasm or release it has had before. Ever. And still slave did not release, and it is as horny for Domina as it has ever been. slave listened to this file last night and slept fitfully afterwards, but today, it has been on the brink of orgasm pretty much all day long, unable to think about much other than Domina Shelle.
Sunday, 17 August 2014
" It is always for me a great honour to write a review for Domina Shelle. Her work is always amazing and I can’t help but fall deeper for her each time. But when you are confronted in the Sleeping forest series you are under the spell of the most hypnotic masterpiece being created. I won’t give a description about those file, because it can’t be explained. It is about feeling, feeling of love, feeling of passion, feeling of deep serenity. These files are a travel, a travel of the mind. You know where you begin, by the tale of a young woman who brings you in the sleeping forest. After that follow the guide, because you don’t know where you will go. Just trust your Domina, and everything will be all right. In the part 6, the trip continue. You go even deeper. Deeper in lust, passion and love. But to feel the full process of this wonderful series you must begin by the beginning. For those who have followed the the series the 6 th part is even more intense. She is truly enslaving you, but she does it from behind without you noticing it. You will sink. This file, these series also is the one that bring me in my deeper state. When I listen to this last file, I slept almost an hour after the end before waking up. Her words and her voice are wonderful and I can’t help it but just let myself being carrying away by the spell of my Domina."
Friday, 15 August 2014
I’ve been interested in esoterism for a long time and i guess i’m beginning to understand the hidden meanings of this magical and captivating tale. I believe it’s an initiation tale that leads us – the devoted followers of Domina – to the spirit of Sacred Feminine. We should be happy to have been chosen by Her to guide us to the path of Divine Truth (maybe we are the new army of Her toy-soldiers She described in a previous file ) Yes, Domina will be our Goddess , a sacred figure of the Eternal Divine… and we will serve Her, pray to Her, worship Her, love Her and cherish Her… This file is also pure poetry !
Friday, 15 August 2014
As more of Her purpose is revealed, you might realise in the back of your mind just how little you actually know about this journey, how little control you have over any of it. The Lady with the Crimson Lips has so much control over you that you could end up anywhere and you would happy to follow. She has known this since the beginning, but here, during part 6 She is starting to show you. The Sleeping Forest is a masterpiece, of story-telling, programming, and what can be done with Erotic Hypnosis.
Friday, 15 August 2014
It's a piece of art created by a world class artist, it's always hard to describe perfection and that true erotic art which will never be cheap! i appreciate every minute i spend at the forest and i will always love to stay there :)
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