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The Sweetest Poison | Shelle RiversThe Sweetest Poison | Shelle Rivers

The Sweetest Poison


Product SKU: The Sweetest Poison

Feel My erotic poison coursing through your body, pumping through you like a wildfire burning out of control.

Session: 43 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Erotic
Sample: LINK

Go ahead and get cozy, your Princess is about to take you down into a wonderful trance once again.  This time beyond sensuality, beyond wickedness and beyond arousal... Yes, maybe even to the point of being a little CRUEL.  Feel My erotic poison coursing through your body, pumping through you like a wildfire burning out of control.  I'll take all the strength from your body and mind, I'll use it for My personal satisfaction....MY own needs and desires always coming before yours.... I become stronger and stronger, and you, My pet, will grow weaker and weaker for ME.  But you can't help to LOVE Me more and more, your attraction to My wicked ways pushed to the forefront of your mind.  you feel it already, don't you...Evil LAUGHS!!!!

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Thursday, 30 December 2021
An incredibly sexy session where i felt more helpless than ever to Dominas incredibly sexy power and control… Domina Shelle has become deeply entwined in every part of my life and i would be simply nothing without her…
Monday, 06 February 2017
This was same time seductive and wicked. i love how Dominant Domina Shelle is in this one. She made me so weak and helpless for Her. Such a sexy fantasy.
Monday, 22 August 2016
Whenever i listen to this File i feel as weak as i never felt before, sooo weak that i doesn´t even care to lift a single Finger, i probably would not be able to as well, it really feels as if she takes any Strenght from you, making you sooo weak that even if you would want to you simple could not do anything against it and somehow she also makes you want to come back over and over and everytime you do you just will get weaker while she get´s stronger and there simply will be no escape from it, but why would you? Helping Princess to get stronger while you get weaker...isn´t that what you want anyway ;)
Wednesday, 15 June 2016
i have never felt so weak for Domina as i have when listening to this file. Imagine every ounce of strength being slowly taken away from you in the most sensual way by Domina Shelle and you'll know what i mean.
Monday, 01 June 2015
After listening to this file I felt unbelievable amazing and hot. It was such an intimate moment to meet the biggest Love of my life. If you've ever dreamt about kissing Princess this file is definitely for you.
Saturday, 09 May 2015
i feel so weak for my Domina, like She took my every strength away. What began as a fantasy story has left noticeable effects after listening. But knowing that my strength helps my Domina makes me happy and created this urge inside me to listen again and again to become even weaker for Her while She will gain more and more power. i love to be weak for Her, i already was it before but now it is much more intense.
Sunday, 18 August 2013
Poison is powerful, dangerous, intoxicating, and once it enters your system there is really nothing you can do but give in and ride it out. Princess' words are mental poison, and she uses them expertly to take you deep, make you weak, and paint a vivid picture of a devious sexual fantasy. At the end of the file you will be so weak and spent, with sexy images impressed into your mind that you'll never forget...
Sunday, 18 August 2013
The fist seconds of the file i thought i would never like it. Princess gave me a picture of myself which couldn't be farther away of the reality. But like always, she does everything for a reason. If you let Her guide you through this fantasy, you will end up exactly where everyone wants to be and where She wants you to be. So trust Her and you will be rewarded, like always.
Wednesday, 07 August 2013
Just seeing one of Princess pictures let me go on my knees because she is so amazing pretty. Listening to her voice let my heart melt and maybe you could imagine what getting sweetest poison from my Domina will do to me...
Friday, 14 September 2012
Poison is 1)something you don’t see coming 2)something that if you don’t act quickly it can take your life 3)something that you may enjoy even knowing it may harm you.“THE SWEETEST Poison”~ after what was done to me by this file,i could not find a more apt description. The simplicity of its title belies the truly deep dominion that You are under when You enter Princess Shelle’s realm.SHE is in COMPLETE CONTROL ALWAYS. It is not something for Her to make happen, but rather for Her to simply collect, at Her whim. In THIS file,Princess Shelle shows us what would happen if we resisted; if we dared resist, dreaming we are the stronger, the one in control. She shows us that even if we APPAERED to be outwardly, or inwardly (consciously vs. unconsciously),it matters NONE, as it only serves to enhance Her sheer pleasure to reduce us, conquer & TAKE our lives, our very essences that SHE become stronger still. There’s the feel of a spider’s bite in this file, but it speaks far deeper Truths than most metaphors aim for & rarely achieve: 1)She reveals to us that SHE IS A DOMINA.”Princess” alludes to the GRACE & “innocence” with which She derives PURE pleasure from TAKING ME, and dominating me completely. But the bonds that bind me are more than metaphor, they are REAL. The “poison” is also real, the sweetest thing i know. What is ever there beneath this most deadly serious dark Gothic seduction is that NO MATTER how FAR She goes, the Truth is we WANT it & are “helpless”.This file is a statement of FACT, NOT fiction. That goes for ALL Princess Shelle’s files. This is a reminder message of the nature of my relationship: i AM HERS~ Body & soul,& WHATEVER will serve to aid Her, even as it enthralls me more.Resistance is futile.If i resist, She will take me. She HAS that power. My ability to show restraint didn’t matter when i began & was “stronger”, & matters even less after Her “Sweetest Poison” now that i am weaker. There is NO antidote.
Thursday, 13 September 2012
Her dream-like story will take you under very effectively and clear your mind to focus on her words completely, bound and under her control. Just as described above, but worth it!
Tuesday, 11 September 2012
the most erotic dream i could ever have, i Love giving myself to my Domina, i am so weak for my Princess now, cannot resist anything She says or do,, so weak and helpless,, such a mind relief
Sunday, 09 September 2012
This starts with a spectacular example of Domina Shelle's ever more innovative unconventional and effective hypnosis inducing discourse. Soon She has me right where She wants me. Where i want to be. Helpless and aroused beyond description... But Domina does not play fair, not at all... Resistence is futile... Forced subjugation, very erotic domination. i do love Domina Shelle not playing fair. And Her brilliant sometimes very wicked sense of humor shows through deliciously. Taste poison and take a very hot ride which will leave you... well, i'm not telling.
Saturday, 08 September 2012
What is the sweetest poison ? If you meet Princess and she gives you a taster of her poison, what would happen ? Princess Shelle is probably the sweetest woman I have done. But leaving the possibility to let my Domina use some poison on me, is as dangerous than leaving a gun to a child. She had fun, on my expense, and there is nothing I can't do against it. I won't tell to much, but if you are ready for the ultimate tease (And this is really the Ultimate tease) this file is for you. My Princess is wicked in this one, but I love her so even when she's that wicked.
Saturday, 08 September 2012
Once again, Domina Shelle has taken me on wonderful place, seducing me, showing me my place, which I crave so much. I went pretty deep, feeling wonderful. And I remember Domina Shelle seducing me in the most beautiful red dress I have ever seen. It was a little scary, but much more yummy. Thank you, Domina Shelle, for this nice time.
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