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Tranceformation - Puppy | Shelle RiversTranceformation - Puppy | Shelle Rivers

Tranceformation - Puppy


Product SKU: Tranceformation - Puppy

Horny puppies love to hump!

Session: 16 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control

It's time for a little puppy play.  Get naked and prepare for an arousal that will overwhelm your mind and body.  After placing you into a deep SUBMISSIVE trance, I'll trance-form you into My horny little slave puppy.  you will love playing, My puppy...go ahead and listen and already know how much you love losing all control.  Be a goodboy and listen for your Domina NOW!  Can you say woof woof!

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Saturday, 18 November 2017
I start to like it: the puppy play with Domina! From time to time Domina slipped this aspect in my training schedule – a hint here, a word there or a complete file dedicated to puppy play. This time I was truly looking forward to go into trance and be transformed and it was very rewarding! Puppy whats to learn more tricks – especially tricks like this one!!
Thursday, 16 November 2017
A sexy and fun addition to Domina Shelle's catalog. I adore being Domina Shelle's good puppy. This session is extremely effective for such a shirt session, and one should ensure they are ready and able to obey.
Monday, 13 November 2017
I love being Domina's puppy. Being Her goodboy is my favorite thing to do.
Monday, 13 November 2017
As now being owned by my Princess and Domina Shelle and in the process of being collared as her slave. I am simply amazed in just 16 minutes I was her Puppy. I have never been taken so deep before listening to my Domina. By the end of the session I was conditioned and doing what Shelle commanded me to do.
Saturday, 11 November 2017
I am simply in awe of Domina Shelle! In just 16 minutes she has me totally under her c! That's how powerful Domina's hypnosis is if you listen to it on a frequent basis. I'm lost for words just how willing and eager I was to please her and how obedient I was to her commands - in my puppy mind it just seemed like what I should do since I was utterly incapable of questioning what i was being asked to do. I highly recommend this file to all of you that have listened to a number of Domina's files already and want to see how much you have already been conditioned. I suspect you will be surprised just how strong it is.
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