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Tranquilized | Shelle RiversTranquilized | Shelle Rivers



Product SKU: Tranquilized

Doped up on Me, you are high with submission, EXPLOITED and MANIPULATED...

Tranquilized (40 minutes):

Imagine looking at the world through My eyes, seeing what I see.  There you are lost deeply in My presence, too HYPNOTIZED to realize I've captured your will, too confused to see what's right in front of you.  Locked helplessly by My gaze you are trapped in a reflection and there is NO need to try to figure it out, no desire to resist what I'm telling you.

Inexorably, I INFILTRATE your mind until you're SATURATED with My essence, slipping inside My world until all sense of self is nothing but a vague memory, a figment of your Tranquilized imagination.  Doped up on Me, you are high with submission, EXPLOITED and MANIPULATED as My Master plan plays out.  I want the impact of this session to be truly mesmerizing, tantalizing all your senses, with NO advanced details of what I will do to you.

I know you love surprises, My pet, especially ones from your devious Domina but, be mindful, this session is POWERFUL and will stimulate many of your EROTIC fantasies and desires.  REAL enslavement has never been so enticing and all you have to do is relax and be enraptured by My words...

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Wednesday, 10 November 2021
Unusually effective, for me. i've listened several times, but never made it conscious past the first fifteen minutes. It does induce a particularly strong urge to please Domina. Coming around takes awhile too.
Wednesday, 14 July 2021
A very sexy and seductively devious file, By the end of it i was Begging to be Brainwashed and enslaved beyond my control and Still am! Oh i do pray and Beg to become an integral part of Domina Shelles Master Plan as this file and Domina Shelle's voice are absolutely perfect for me. This Woman is every dream and fantasy of mine come true..... i cant believe how lucky i am to have found Her!
Monday, 12 July 2021
Forty minutes of pure erotic brainwashing. I wasn't completely aware that was what i wanted when i hit play on this recording, but Domina Shelle flawlessly delivered exactly what i needed. This session is relatively light on narrative and audio effects, but from beginning to end it delivers what was promised. Brilliant.
Monday, 12 July 2021
One of Domina Shelles most powerful and sexy masterpieces! My poor mind was fucked so incredibly hard when listening... I wasn't sure if I was dreaming, in trance, or if what she was describing to me was actually happening! Domina Shelle is a VERY sexy and powerful Genius! She continues to amaze, surprise, and arouse me with every session she creates!
Monday, 12 July 2021
This is one of the most powerful trances yet by my Domina. She is truly a Goddess like no other.
Monday, 12 July 2021
Very good. This came out in a good time since i had felt little down for couple days. But listening my Domina's voice made me feel better. It feels so good to surrender to Her control.
Monday, 12 July 2021
Proof that Pleasing Domina is Pleasure! Her Happiness is Bliss and Her honey sweet Voice will take you deeper into sleep and Obedience to Her! Simply amazing!
Sunday, 11 July 2021
This is so good! Domina knows what I need. Or do I need what Domina wants me to need. The result is the same... bliss!
Saturday, 10 July 2021
A true masterpiece only achieved by the devious mind of Domina Shelle. She took me deep into her world and i still have not returned. The ultimate Bliss is achieved in this session. I'll wait for you since I'm still there.
Saturday, 10 July 2021
Forever trapped in the cage Domina has put me in. my mind forever controlled and conditioned to absolute submissive dependence on Her. Forever Her slave. My only pleasure is everything about Domina. Pleasing Domina, obeying Domina, Hearing Her honey sweet voice taking me deeper and deeper ever day. i never knew losing my will and my freedom could feel so wonderful. i just finished listening to this file and i'm still in a trance and can still hear the sweet voice of my Owner echoing throughout my world and securing Her control even stronger. The need to serve and please Her overwhelms me...
Saturday, 10 July 2021
With an innovative and yet seeming unusual beginning Domina Shelle starts this amazing file. i don't want to spoil anything though as you have to find out yourself. Though be sure that in the end after being out into this very deep trance, you will be (even more) submissive to Her and you'll know your place to Love, Honor & Obey Her.
Saturday, 10 July 2021
This is an amazing file. It is truly amazing what Domina Shelle is able to do. Each and every one of Her sessions takes me deeper and deeper, and every time i think i couldn't possibly feel any more pleasure, She proves me wrong and just how much power She has over me. Domina's voice is so soft, and loving, and sweet, it's impossible not to immediately fall in love with Her. Thank You Domina, for another amazing session!
Friday, 09 July 2021
It seems that with each new session, Domina finds yet another way to take over that bit more; to lay claim to what used to be my mind, and is now nothing more than Her personal play space... She took me down very quickly, and very easily with this, and She took me on a ride, that was totally filled with emotional bliss. This is another of those, that Domina uses Her vocal range to great effect, to manipulate your mood and thoughts at the same time. This one, i suspect, will end up on many of Her devotees favourites lists, and with very good reason. It is pure, unadulterated pleasure, through and through, just sliding down, listening to the most beautiful sound in the universe; Domina's soft sweet voice. ❤
Friday, 09 July 2021
What a great session. I don't know how Domina Shelle does it but every session seems to be better and taking me deeper as before. Thanks Domina Shelle
Friday, 09 July 2021
Tranquilizer is a masterpiece of a file. Domina Shelle out did herself with this amazing session. This file took me down and down and down and just shook everything up inside my mind. It was in the way she manipulated my mind while I was listening. Domina just took me. i was not in control. She was pulling my string and i was the willing puppet. It just makes me feel so taken. I was very taken by Domina and Her words. How she did, what She did, amazes me. The way she manipulated my surroundings. What i was thinking. How she slipped inside my mind and took all control. It’s amazing what She is capable of doing and making me so very aroused and horny the whole time She does it. i would do anything for Her so i could stay that way. Deep, locked up under Domina Shelle's voice and Her control. This one is on my favorite list. 5 stars
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