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Trilogy of Submission - Honor | Shelle RiversTrilogy of Submission - Honor | Shelle Rivers

Trilogy of Submission - Honor


Product SKU: Trilogy of Submission - Part 2

My needs are your needs, and honoring Me is honoring your inner submissive self...

Trilogy of Submission - Honor (15 minutes):

Back for more programming, My Love slave?  Of course you are, you need My voice deep inside you mind everyday now.  I'm fast becoming your first thought when you awake and your last thought when you drift of to sleep, I'm ever-present in your dreams and the focal point of all your erotic desires - just the way W/we want it.

you feel this way because not only do you love Me, and adore Me, there is a compulsive desire for you to HONOR Me too, to routinely think about Me, and My needs, above your own.  The more you put Me first the more natural it becomes cementing the reality that only I - Domina Shelle - can ever fulfill your submissive hopes and dreams.

The TRUTH is I've become an integral part of your life now, to the point that just thinking about Me automatically triggers feelings of reverence, adoration, and lust.  Admit it, you can feel your s*x stirring between your legs, like a primitive reflex reacting to your primal submissive impulse to please Me and make Me happy. (giggles)

And, why do you have this strong emotional connection to Me?  Because you want to be MINE, you need to be MINE, you've been programmed to be MINE!  Don't worry, My sweet, you are not here to make any decisions about O/our special relationship, you are here simply to listen and accept the choices I'm making for you, to acknowledge that you will always bow to My will, and embrace that you HONOR Me with your subservience through a selfless existence devoted to serving Me, and only Me, without thought and without question.

That's right, My pet, My needs are your needs, and honoring Me is honoring your inner submissive self, accepting the TRUTH that I'm irresistible and irrepressible.  So lie back, relax, and listen to the wisdom of My words as I explain what it means to truly HONOR your Domina, as W/we permanently eradicate your own useless, pointless, and selfish desires, replacing them with a more potent singular TRUTH: "How can I better serve My Domina?" ~~Kisses~~

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Sunday, 28 August 2022
What a nice short file. i like the short files. Even though the file is only like 15 minutes long, it was a deep trance. Anymore, it doesn't take much for Domina to take me and put me into trance. The premise of the file is to Honor Domina. She really does deserve all the Honor us slaves can give Her. For all of Her hard work that She does. She’s just amazing. All the preparation She has to put into these files. Its a lot and takes a lot of Her time. Now i wonder what more i can do to Honor Her. Make Her life happier and an easier. i will always Love and Honor Domina Shelle. She really truly owns me and i am Hers forever.
Monday, 15 August 2022
Shorter file this time, but still very effective. i dropped into deep trance, i couldn't have stopped that i'm too weak, not that i wanted to.
Tuesday, 09 August 2022
Short but powerful and i love it:) I honor Domina Shelle
Monday, 08 August 2022
i dont know what Domina Shelle has put in this file but wow is it Powerful or what? Oh i Love Her, Honor Her and will Lovingly Obey Her. This file is pure magic, Her soft silky sweet voice is like sticky honey trickling deep into my mind. i Love it!
Sunday, 07 August 2022
In this short yet incredibly wonderful and powerful session, Domina Shelle teaches her loyal love slave just how to honor her the way she deserves to be honored and how this honors Your deepest self! Surrendering to Dominas control is inevitable and honoring her will beCum just as natural as breathing. Domina Cums first in all things and honoring her is honoring your truest self!
Saturday, 06 August 2022
There is no better audio by Domina that guides a submissive into honoring all of Her Majestic Being. She explains in detail how to be and act to fulfull my deepest submissive needs, wants and desires. There is no one else on earth i would want to cherish and love in this way. This audio on Honor should be mandatory to Honor only Domina.
Friday, 05 August 2022
i can't comment on the session, haven't purchased it yet. BUT... The promo picture may just be the hottest picture our Domina has ever published. Oh to be the submissive in that picture...
Friday, 05 August 2022
Not only does my beautiful Owner occupy my every thought. She guides and trains me on how i am to live my life for Her. i love the power my Domina Shelle holds over me and i crave more. It feels so wonderful to love, honor and obey Her completely. The second part of the must have trilogy on how to love honor and obey Her is so beautifully made. If you belong to Domina Shelle or are considering surrendering to Her, this is an absolute must have file/trilogy.
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