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Unconscious Acceptance | Shelle RiversUnconscious Acceptance | Shelle Rivers

Unconscious Acceptance


Product SKU: Unconscious Acceptance

Only through your devotion to your Domina can you find real submissive pleasure...

Unconscious Acceptance (38 minutes):

I have a treat for you, My pet, a life changing opportunity that will leave you craving blissful surrender to My Absolute Authority. W/We both know how much I love to brainwash you, to manipulate your mind so that you are utterly fixated on Me, obsessed to the point that you feel compelled to submit to Me no matter what I ask of you because obedience is your pleasure.

Better still, you love that I have this powerful effect on you, that I can seduce your thoughts so that I'm always the focus of all your erotic desires, continually conditioned to seek more of My training as I subvert your will and subjugate your senses. Being brainwashed to be brainwashed is more than a clever anecdote, it is the very antithesis of your submissive resistance, a means for Me to effortlessly take complete control of your mind and W/we both know how horny and aroused that makes you, My sweet! (giggles)

Unconscious Acceptance is a journey into true submission, it is an understanding that only through your dedication and devotion to Me can you find real submissive pleasure, and genuine happiness, real feelings that are so captivating you'll be forever lost in blissful surrender accepting Me as your one true Owner.

This is not a fantasy, My pet, this is REAL hypnotic conditioning, the progressive and systematic indoctrination of your will so that you are programmed to do what I want and when I want it. W/we are in this for the long-term, and complete mental enslavement takes real commitment, and enduring trust, to perfect. The pleasures of obeying Me are just a click away and you can be assured I will always take good care of you, like you will always take care of My needs and My wishes, a sincere Domina/slave relationship.

So, relax, let go, and allow Me to do all the thinking for you, it will be a very pleasurable, and memorable, experience! Trust Me, your submissive destiny awaits the soothing, alluring, words of My seductive voice... ~Kisses~

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Monday, 11 July 2022
And the favorites just keep on cumming. What a fantastic session this was. The induction of this file was very powerful. Domina said to close my eyes, which i did and then everything was gone after that. Domina then proceeded to do what She does best with Her erotic sexy sticky words, mind fucking and brainwashing me while i was in a complete state of udder blankness and mindlessness. This was a amazing file to listen to. i had such a huge puddle by the time it was over. i can't wait to listen to this again. It felt to good not to go back in there and let Domina have Her way with me. 10 stars Domina.
Saturday, 28 May 2022
How arousing would it be for a powerful Woman like Domina Shelle to brainwash you into craving Her brainwashing, so She can brainwash you more into wanting and needing more brainwashing that you're addicted too. And this is what this file does to my little slave mind.
Monday, 16 May 2022
This is nothing short of magic! How does this Woman know every what, where, and when all my buttons are to be pressed??? This creation is the most deliciously erotic, sexy, and out-of-this-world trance. i Love it and Domina Shelle. Oh Yes please Brainwash me every day, i beg You!
Saturday, 14 May 2022
What a difference it makes when I open my mind completely to her voice and words. Her voice trickles through my mind igniting all my pleasures. When she asked to mantra with her, I was happy to mantra with her. Of course I don't remember much. Just a state of euphoric bliss which lasts for most of the day.
Friday, 13 May 2022
Unconscious Acceptance further cemented Domina's deep control of my mind and body - so deliciously sensual and erotic. Having no fear, i fell so incredibly intensively into trance. i felt compelled to repeat her suggested mantras and "wow" did it feel so good. It just feels so good and right to be owned by Domina!
Wednesday, 11 May 2022
i love it when Domina Shelle is brainwashing me. i drop to so deep sleep. i don't remember what she is doing while i'm hypnotized but it is making me feel good.
Sunday, 08 May 2022
The power Domina Shelle has over me is growing even stronger with this sessions that's for sure. I went very deep in this session and don't remember most of it. But I felt really good waking up knowing She made some changes within my mind.
Saturday, 07 May 2022
Domina Shelle has already obtained SO much power and control yet she continues to increase it and permanently lock it so impossibly deep within the most sensitive core center of my(her) mind with every erotic hypnotic masterpiece she creates… Ohhhh… It feels SO incredible!!! i barely remember what was going on in this session but i DO vividly recall how i felt and how STRONGLY i feel permanently afterwards… giggles… Well i won’t go and spoil anything… Just let that temptation take hold and listen for yourself… i’m positive You’ll just LOVE what Domina will do to your open and submissive mind THIS time… giggles!
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