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Unsuspecting Curse | Shelle RiversUnsuspecting Curse | Shelle Rivers

Unsuspecting Curse


Product SKU: Unsuspecting Curse

Powerful REMASTERED version of "Unsuspecting Curse".

Session Length: 41 minutes
Category: Brainwashing-Mind Control


An erection, so much swelling...NEW NAUGHTY and so f*cking hot NEW FETISH.  I will take you into a deep PENETRATING TRANCE and shock you with A TWIST that you would NEVER have dreamed of.  I have you, a sweet CURSE and soooo unsuspecting, one that will stay close to you will not forget.  A HAUNTING effect!  I love f*cking with your mind...teasing and taunting you into MINDLESS SEDUCTION.  Accept My CURSE....and Listen now---you already know that you can NOT resist.

Includes Subliminal messages and Binaurals.

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Sunday, 07 July 2019
An amazing fantasy file with some lasting hypnotic memories that i like a lot! A classical induction that does not reveal anything that is about to happen. Domina is talking me down into sweet hypnotic sleep when blurred images slip into the darkness of trance. A deja vu of black magic, a spiral, a tent, a crystal ball, a dancing mist - too confusing to think about. I do not realize how time and space starts to bend, The world stretches around me - resized to Her will. I am her plaything - her toy and i want to be the best obedient toy under Her enchanting power. Weak - small - powerless she puts me into my place to find my purpose. The memory is real.
Tuesday, 15 November 2016
Welp i knew that i am confused often lately, but i had no idea how confused and lost i am...i seriously accidently listen to this thinking i would listen to Brainwashed Phase 3 Part 2. i know how unbelievable that sounds, but it´s true, i didn´t even realized that i was listening to the wrong File, infact i realized this just after i was almost done listening, i have no clue what this means for me, but it surely shows how good this rework is, i mean i didn´t knew i listened to this reword until the shrinking Part, there it made click and i knew what i where listening to, though at this Point it doesn´t mattered anymore, cause i was unable to stop anyway xD

But ähm yeah as i said this speaks for the rework and how good it is, if it wouldn´t be that good i surely would had known way earlier what´s going on and in the end i guess it isn´t to bad, afterall i just strenghtened the curse and probably displayed true mindless obedience, that´s atleast the only way how i could be silly enough to not realize what i am doing lol

Anyway enough talking about how silly i was, i did loved the original File and how weak it made me for her, i did not thought that the rework would be any stronger, i honestly thought it just would be an quality upgrade, but oh my was i wrong about this, this reworked Version was sooo much stronger and made me sooo much weaker for her, i actually would suggest if she hasn´t already to remove the old Version from the Site, cause the old one surely can´t keep up with the new Version and if you haven´t listened to the rework yet you surely should do so ^-^
Friday, 04 November 2016
The curse is sealed, Domina, better and even more than before.
Tuesday, 01 November 2016
i loved this curse already in the original version. Now Domina did perfect it even more. She brought me deeper down so that She could curse me in the most effective way... giggles... i love this file and the fetish She strengthened in me with the curse.
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