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Terms of Service Shelle Rivers Hypnotica

By purchasing any of the items on this site or listening to any of my audio sessions (live or recorded), you agree to the following Terms of Service:

• You agree you are at least 18 years old and a legal adult in your country or region of residence.

• You are agreeing to receive digital material of an adult/erotic nature.

• You may not alter the recordings in ANY way.

• You may NOT resell or redistribute the recordings.

• Attempted fraud, copyright or property rights violations, etc, will be dealt with via legally.

• FOR ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY. This is Fantasy Hypnosis of an erotic nature. by listening you agree you are a consenting adult. I am in no way responsible for the results of my audio sessions and I am not liable for any personal consequences.
Returns Policy

Because the MP3s are virtual items and not physical products, they cannot be \"returned\", so no refunds are allowed. If there has been a problem with your order, however, I will be more than happy to address it, as customer/listener satisfaction is highly important to me.

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