Summer Fun Assignment

My goal is for U/us to have some Summer Fun together...
Summer Fun AssignmentSummer Fun Assignment
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With Summertime, My favorite season, I want you to enjoy yourself on an adventure, right where you live.  My goal is for U/us to have some Summer Fun together.

This INCLUDES an AUDIO assignment and a document download.

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Saturday, 18 August 2018
i am from Germany and follow Domina already since 2011 - however in the last 3 years it got a little bit more serious - collar and all - you know! Now she is in my head all the time and especially during holiday I love to take Her with me. Holiday recordings are the stories – preferably those that involve waves and beaches. This holiday I spent at the baltic sea with my family and I met a mermaid – several times. Mermaid is a great holiday file. Thank You very much my Domina and i wish you all a great time!
Wednesday, 08 August 2018
I'm from the United Kingdom but live and work in the U.S. Having been a follower of erotic hypnosis for over 20 years and a slave to Domina Shelle for the past 18 months, Domina now controls the submissive at almost every level. It was therefore no surprise to me that as I visited the U.K. this summer Domina Shelle is never far from my mind. Distance is not a barrier for Domina Shelle since through the magic She weaves in Her sessions i always feel Her presence in all my actions and decisions. I take this for granted now but it would be a lonely place to not have Domina exert Her influence on me. Thank You Domina for all that You do and for being he amazing person that You are for giving so much to so many.
Monday, 30 July 2018
There was a rally race here last weekend and i had a ticket to the service park where the rally cars came for service in between stages. Lots of little stands that sold team and sponsor clothing. There were also big screens where you could follow rally stages. Really hot day.
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