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The key---to unLOCK.  giggles

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Wednesday, 08 March 2017
The Key - The Key - that Magic Key: chastity play with Princess is dangerous - release means just a closer confinement of my mind! I waited so long for the key – and when Domina finally gave it to me I had to realize that with release there is more indoctrination. Release of the body is not a release of my mind out of Her grip! Lucky me! I deleted “The Key” and I will beg HER to allow me to purchase it again in the hour of need and desire!
Sunday, 09 August 2015
i want to stay in chastity for the rest of my life, one day before knowing my Domina, i read about chastity and it was turning me on, but when i started real chastity training by my Domina i liked the idea of being Horny, then training after training i loved the idea, i know how good orgasm can be when She wants it, and how bad it can be when She doesn't want it, my Domina became my pleasure, making Her smile is better than orgasm, Her control is all what i want and i would never be afraid to give Her the key mindlessly
Thursday, 06 August 2015
This lovely Princess created a Masterpiece with the Lock and the Key, as soon as you listen to the Lock and find yourself unable to Cum, you are already trapped forever and the best think is to this time you don´t even know this, you might think the Key will free you and Yes it will, but not as you might think, there is a Reason why she warned everyone before, because this to Files will work together and you will find yourself stuck in a loop forever and ever under her control, if this is what you want then you just MUST listen to both Files, if you have a Wife/GF or are unsure about this, you should not listen to this...Really be warned if you take this lightly and find yourself needing your Princess more then your Wife/GF it might will ruin your relationship and this would not be her fault, she warned you...This Puppy surely loved this experience and is already back in the Chastity after his Princess rewarded it with a Release it never will forget, but right afterwards Puppy saw clearly what it wants it wants to be under her Control for the rest of his Life
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