The Possession

you will know what it's like to have Me completely possess you. WARNING--Very strong file.
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Level: WARNING Very Strong
Length: 43 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Brainwash-CONFUSION
Sample: LINK

This file will demonstrate just how powerful I am-----and you will know what it is like to have Me completely possess you----leaving you a “shell” of your former self---laugh.  If you liked ZOMBIED you will LOVE this file 10 times MORE!

This file will BLOW MY pet's mind....

Make sure you have a pen and a piece of paper by your side, and be lying on a bed—and Oh, Yes it is very important that you are alone—as you have a speaking part in this file!!!

Kisses and LOVES

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Friday, 12 December 2014
A very intense file that allowed my Domina a complete take over of my body. Unable to resist my Domina degraded me in my on body to a spectator of Her acting. And from now on She's got the power to make me to Her helpless puppet anytime She wants to. For i love Her and need Her to control me, i embrace my new weak point that She gave me. Thank You my beloved Domina.
Monday, 20 January 2014
After a wonderful induction you will feel Princess Shelles' control totally, as she takes over your mind and body using you for her pleasure and yours.
Sunday, 08 December 2013
So amazing to feel your Mistress taking possession of your body and mind and making You watch and remember everything vividly !! This one will take you very deep in trance and I can't wait to see what Mistress does with my body from now on !
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