The Sleeping Forest - Part 2

The Descent.
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Level: Sneaky to Hard
Length: 39+ minutes
Category: Brainwash-Mind Control-Seduction

The Descent

This is the second mind trip into my SLEEPING FOREST.
What will she do to you?  Where will I take you this time?  How deep will you fall?
Come with me once again on my twisting tale of desire and longing, one that will have you panting for more.  Feel me slipping softly and much deeper into your mind this time.  Slowly building up, but many times more powerful, the compound BRAINWASHING is delicious and irresistible.
Each file will build on the one before, multiplying the effects, building on your desire to be with me, controlled by ME.
The depths you will reach will surprise you, you will not realize what is happening, or how it happens, just following the words and the tale, drifting, smoothly and effortlessly.
Immerse yourself fully in this mysterious and winding journey, allow the desire and the helplessness to bring you to me, slowly, softly-- all in good time my pet---giggles.
This series will give you a first glimpse of how my work (my control) is developing and broadening, as our relationship moves ever closer and deeper, mmmmmmm.

A very sexy and sensual TEASE.  A mind SEDUCTION that leaves you CRAVING more!

Be sure to listen to Part 1 FIRST, as this is a progressive series.

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Tuesday, 09 February 2016
Our Princess said she believes that this Series is her Masterpiece, i am only at Part 2 and i already have to agree, i listened to plenty of our Princesses Files and of course none of the Files where bad, but to be honest not one of the Files i listened to before can keep up with the Sleeping Forest, at the beginning of Part 2 i was trembling like a fish on water just from hearing her say The Sleeping Forest, i knew it would have an affect, but i was surprised about how intense it was right away and that´s of course not all compared to all the other Files i have listened to i NEVER felt like this, i don´t even know how to describe this, but it´s a way way way deeper feeling i have with the listening to the Sleeping Forest it´s not the usual feeling of beeing weak, helpless, mindless and beeing owned, it´s more then this, it´s pure LOVE, probably don´t makes to much sense, but like i said i have no clue how to describe this probably...i just listened to two Parts yet and i already want to beg our Princess to let me listen to the Rest all together without having to wait for a Day after each File, at the end of one File i am so eager to know what will happen next that it´s unbelievable hard for me to not listen to the next one, the ONLY thing that stops me from doing so is the need to obey our Princess otherwise i would by now have listened to all Part´s in a row, maybe even more then once, i can´t say what it is with the Sleeping Forest i don´t even understand everythig that is going on, but i really really really crave to get to the end of it and see at what place i will find myself...Everyone should listen to this Series, it´s truly her Masterpiece ^-^
Wednesday, 15 July 2015
It's so early in the series, but at this point every word from my Domina makes this story so much more enticing. They imagery and feelings I get from these sessions are unforgettable.
Sunday, 12 April 2015
This is beautiful. Domina is bring me closer, so much deeper and closer to Her. The sweet intimate surrender and submission that Domina makes you feel is so overwhelming. I cant get over what a beautiful imagination, and how incredibly creative Domina Shelle is. Her mind leaves me in awe. I so thankful that Domina Shelle is my Domina. None, not any other Mistress out there could possibly come close to comparing to our Domina. She is amazing =)
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