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Twisted Desires | Shelle RiversTwisted Desires | Shelle Rivers

Twisted Desires


Product SKU: Twisted Desires

My naughty boy is desperate to submit to the aberrant desires of a deviant Domina!

Twisted Desires (33 minutes):

It is time to relax, My puppy, time to return to that special erotic escape where all your darkest fantasies can be realized.  Yes, W/we will be revisiting My House of Domination, a hypnotic haven where fate chooses your destiny.  Behind each door is a room where all types of fantasies, and Twisted Desires, can be explored and I know that My depraved naughty boy is desperate to submit to My wicked machinations, the aberrant desires of a deviant Domina! (giggles)

Take a deep breath, My horny pet, and let My purple mist work its magic on your lustful thoughts.  Yes, the mist is infused with a very familiar scent, that unmistakable sweet musky smell that many of you savor every time you breath in My worn panties.  Hmmm, with each inhale you feel the passion, a burning desire, a growing compulsion to get naked, to fall to your knees, and submit to the one you love, honor and obey above all others.  Good boy!

Every time you surrender to My power, you relinquish all control of your mind, body, and sex to My absolute authority.  During this visit, W/we will take this to another level, intimately exploring your aching desire to worship Me, to pleasure Me, to pour your heart and soul into being mine, but with an added twist.  To spice things up, depraved naughty boys need to demonstrate their willingness to be completely subservient and, as an owned slave, it is only fitting that you will be bound and hooded, your vision and movement impaired, a physical statement that in My presence, I strip away all pretense of your being in control - you are here to satisfy My wanton needs and desires.

Just imagining you naked, bound, and emasculated at My feet has Me so f*cking hot and wet with expectation.  The impulse to degrade you, to humiliate you, to have you willingly demonstrate your eagerness to perform whatever perverted act I demand of you, is so strong, so intoxicating, I want more!  Just as My sweet scent is your guide as you edge closer to Me on your knees, eager and open to experience new levels of debauchery, the same scent drives Me wild with passion and pleasure as I contemplate what I will do with you in this vulnerable state. (giggles)

That is as much as I'm willing to share, My sexually frustrated puppy.  If you want to learn more, "Choose your destiny, slave", download the session, find a private place, get naked, and (if you have them) place My scent infused panties over your nose as I take you, use you, and explore your Twisted Desires.

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Monday, 13 May 2024
i loved how in this Domina made me feel more naughtier and more submissive at the same time. So sexy!
Saturday, 27 April 2024
OMG i LOVE this VERY naughty and SEXY masterpiece!!! Domina Shelle implanted yet another sexy fetish and made me feel so much more comfortable with who i really am! There really isn’t anything that i wouldn’t do for Domina!!!!!
Friday, 26 April 2024
Thank You Domina for the privilege of listening to this session. Please use me to satisfy your desires so that I may experience the pleasure of obedience to you.
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