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Shelle's Hypno School For Sissys - Class 2 | Shelle RiversShelle's Hypno School For Sissys - Class 2 | Shelle Rivers

Shelle's School For Sissys - Class 2


Product SKU: Shelle's School For Sissys - Class 2

School is back in. Put on your sexy FRILLY panties and glossy lipstick & embrace your inner femme...

Class 2 - Sissy Mindset (45 minutes):

It's time, My sweet sissy gurls...It's time to get back to school!

With this weeks CLASS-ROOM session, W/we are going to work on your SISSY MindSet.  Perfect it!  Make it a NATURAL part of you!  It's all about learning how to safely embrace your inner femme; be who you want to be, in the best ways possible.

Put on your sexy FRILLY panties and glossy lipstick.  Come as the REAL you, the sweet sissy gurl you were always meant to be.

There will be many lessons, but I just know that you are going to enjoy them all, especially this one...and you might be especially interested in some of the extra-curricular activities! ***giggles***

I will teach you so much, My darling, and it will be lessons you never want to forget.

School is back in, My sweet, so take a seat on the front row.

Oh and there is a SPECIAL GUEST speaker.  Be sure to put in your own REQUEST to be a future SISSY SPEAKER.

Listen NOW!

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Friday, 26 April 2024
i just LOVED this second Sissy lesson! Yay! Our sexy Domina and lovely guest speaker make me feel so very comfortable and like such a cute and wonderful sissy! giggles! i feel like my sissy mindset has already improved lots from listening and i will continue to develop under guidance of my sexy and wonderful instructors! ❤️
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