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Subliminal Subjugation | Shelle RiversSubliminal Subjugation | Shelle Rivers

Subliminal Subjugation


Product SKU: Subliminal Subjugation

Being under My compulsive control makes you HARD with submissive desire.

Subliminal Subjugation (28 minutes):

My sweet, isn't it amazing that whenever I tell you to TRUST Me, a wave of relaxation and pleasure envelopes you, reinforcing your motivation to do whatever I ask of you?  Even when I tell you that I am not going to do anything dangerous to your mind, to subjugate your will or to coerce your senses, you happily (even gratefully) comply knowing your beloved Domina only speaks the TRUTH.

These examples are illustrations that W/we have developed a bond based on REAL trust, with you (the submissive) accepting whatever I (the Dominant) defines as your reality.  Relationships based on this level of trust promote the nurturing and fostering of powerful submissive desires, allowing your conscious mind (and conscious resistance) to be bypassed so I can program your subconscious mind to do, and think, whatever I wish.  Now that is REAL power exchange.

In this week's session, Subliminal Subjugation, you will blissfully experience how easily I can empower your submissive within to be your dominant persona.  When you hear My voice, and inevitably fall under My spell, all you focus on is whatever I decide to slip deep into your mind.  Using My sweet sexy hypnotic words, I will distract you, shutting down your critical thinking as wave after wave of submissive bliss floods your pleasure center - after all, obedience is your pleasure.

My puppy, do not be surprised if portions of this session feel familiar, this is what BRAINWASHING does to you.  The true purpose of this session is to get you into a relaxed, open, and suggestible state so that My SUBLIMINAL messages can infiltrate your subconscious mind, triggering, and strengthening, your desire to be My submissive pet - so sexy, isn't it!?

I love the way you willingly give yourself to Me, following My suggestions, never questioning My intentions and motivations as I train and progressively transform you into My perfect slave.  This is the power of TRUST and it is why you will embrace this BRAINWASHING, knowing, as you read these words, being under My compulsive control makes you HARD with submissive desire - you are a horny puppy. (giggles)

So, give in to this craving, download this session NOW, and allow Me to demonstrate the many virtues of TRUSTING in Me. ~~Kisses~~

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Thursday, 02 May 2024
i got the customized version of this and wow! So arousing to hear Domina to speak directly to me and about some of my fetishes. Made the brainwashing feel even more impactful.
Friday, 26 April 2024
All I can say about this file is that I have listened to it many times, and I like it very much even though I still am unsure what is in it.
Wednesday, 24 April 2024
This audio is a masterpiece. And, with personalized messages, it migjt be my favorite!
Sunday, 21 April 2024
i’ve already developed an addiction to listening to this masterpiece after the first listen! Domina Shelle knows how to deeply penetrate all of the subtle nooks and crannies in my head and brainwash me so deeply… mmmm… Leaving me begging for more! i can’t honestly say i understand what’s happening in this session… but at the same time i understand it completely…. Domina Shelle has cast some kind of magic spell in this one and the temptation and allure to listen over and over is irresistible!
Friday, 19 April 2024
Domina Shelle made a perfect brainwashing session, and i know it'll be easy to listen many times over. There are subliminal effects that i am not able to consciously discern, which for me really adds to the excitement of completely trusting Domina. The trance Domina took me to in this session is very strong, and even after several listens, certain parts feel new to me even though i had just heard them. It's strange to explain, but She's really got a mastery over my mind.
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