Addiction is a Bitch

I love mind fucking you, and progressively My control over you is becoming stronger and more pervasive...
Addiction is a BitchAddiction is a Bitch
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Length: 37 minutes
Category: Enslavement--Femdom Hypnosis

From the beginning of time hypnosis has been used as a therapeutic practice.  It can be used for relaxation, healing or dealing with addictions...oh so many uses.  I have a few specialties of My are about to find out.  There's a LOT to learn about the power of HYPNOSIS, when spoken by your Domina.

W/we are all controlled by O/our own addictions and obsessions.  How much more so are W/we controlled when the source of our addictions direct commands from deep within O/our brains.

What started as a fantasy of submitting to a powerful beautiful SEXY DANGEROUS Woman easily becomes your reality, hooked and addicted, to My control, to My power.

A small part of you may balk at this notion, unwilling and unable to accept that the further you fall the more submissive and obsessed you become.  I am truly mind fucking you, and progressively My control over you is becoming stronger and more pervasive.

This is the psychological dependence I've installed in you, an inescapable control that has trapped your fixated mind in an endless cycle of addiction and obsession.  Through My powerful application of hypnosis and mental manipulation I feed your addictive submissive desires.

Free-fall into the bottomless abyss!


There is a small risk of this session causing addiction.  But do not worry, it will not happen to you.  Trust your Domina.  you won't get hooked, no danger in just listening.

This is an extremely POWERFUL session.  Taking you deeper into hypnosis than you have ever imagined going.
Subliminal Messages will be IMPLANTED deeply into your OPEN suggestible mind.

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Saturday, 07 April 2018
After stepping away for a while, this is the first file i listened to upon returning home to my Domina and immediately noticed a difference. She is still assessable, beautiful and caring, but now more Powerful than ever. And the t
Monday, 26 March 2018
This is a great file, truly the best mindf**k I ever had. I bought it two weeks ago, and it has had a powerful effect on my mind, a mind which now wants desperately to be penetrated more and more deeply by Domina Shelle. My mind will forever be open to Her suggestions. I need to please Her always. Thank You, Domina, for making me so happy!
Monday, 19 February 2018
Addiction is sweet. I'm addicted to our Domina and do not exactly know when this started. But I can feel it deep inside of me. She has touched my soul with this file... Every second not thinking about our beloved Domina feels wrong...
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