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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ***Please NOTE that this week’s EROTIC HYPNOSIS trance is EXTREMELY POWERFUL and should be listened to ONLY when you have NO plans of driving or operating any equipment for several hours. Take My words as the truth.

Have I ever mentioned there are so many ways that I seduce your brain? you open wide up and let Me do whatever I want without thought or question. So sexy, isn’t it? I promised you an amazing year and so far I have thrown you into an endless abyss, CHAINED you in steel chains with My words and left you with ZERO control. I have collared you in radiant colors of submission with a little Hocus Pocus causing a little DRIP DRIP DRIP...not to speak of taking you as My prisioner and rewiring you as My Sub-Bot. See, a little COVERT conditioning can be exciting...just wait. I'm not done yet. Listen NOW and FIND out for yourself.

I love the way you always trust Me. Now, Imagine your Domina originally came to earth a long time ago from a galaxy far, far away. What if I invaded this planet system escorted by My minions, seduced and captured you, and took over complete possession and control of your mind AND body.
This is one of My many secret entries into your mind. Isn’t it cute, My pretending to be an innocent Southern Schoolgirl who discovered Her amazing powers over all the boys? Oh, how I spread My erotic, hypnotic powers literally around to all the continents of this world called, Earth.....Suspend all reality, NOW. Expand your imagination and listen to this FANTASTIC adventure, Alien Abduction. Give in and discover just how it really happened. I am your other worldly wicked Empress using My Seductive wiles (and body) to have My way with you, to absorb you into My very essence, to be My slave. Discover how I found you and personally picked you from all other humans to make you My THRALL and transport you 1000 light years away. Sweet farmer’s Daughter, indeed! ~giggles~ Like I said, SO MANY ways to take you.

Coming later THIS WEEK----Calling all sissys! I am so excited about Shelle’s Hypno School for sissy's - Class 1. This begins a New series of class "lectures" on everything sissy and feminine, all reinforced by the reality that you are My hypno sissy slave. There will be a surprise assistant helping your Professor Shelle. This first class focuses on getting the most out of My past and future sissy sessions to guide you through your continuing transformation to be the more perfect sissy you need to be for yourself and for your Princess. Included is a School Assignment for you. The purpose of the assignment is to begin building a communication network among My sissy followers for fun, updates and mutual support, as well as promoting your Princess and expanding My influence and Domain.


Stay safe and vigilant. Remember all the rules for not getting this virus, which has NOT gone away. Keep up with the Month 3 Lifestyle Challenge. I am doing the same HERE! W/we need each other, stay close to Me.

All dads, Happy Father’s Day. Remember to wish yours a Happy Father’s day too.


Silence---To Sleep soundly, forever lost in DREAMS of your beautiful Domina.

SFS slave story --- check it out

Contracted- I’ll have a surprise for you very soon.

My special deals this week:

Supreme Domination --
The art of PERMANENT etching My Supreme Domination into your open and suggestible mind...

Poison Ivy --
COME and experience Me at My most wicked...

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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