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Alien Abduction | Shelle RiversAlien Abduction | Shelle Rivers

Alien Abduction


Product SKU: Alien Abduction

OBEY your SUPERIOR Alien Queen, My abductee...

Alien Abduction (63 minutes):

With this EXTREME EROTIC HYPNOSIS (Mind Control-BRAINWASHING) mp3, I take you in an Amazingly BRILLIANT way. you won't feel a thing...All you need to do is lie back and listen.  This session is PERFECT for anyone...Please NOTE that this trance, laced with subliminal messages is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and should be listened to ONLY when you have NO plans of driving or operating any equipment for several hours.

Imagine for a moment, being taken by a powerful technologically advanced female dominated race of sentient beings.  Unlike Star Trek’s Captain Kirk you won’t be the one in charge, you have no power is all taken from you.

This vivid hypnotic MIND FUCKING session includes over 60 minutes of mindless, pulse racing female domination, your QUEEN in full command.  An experience you will crave to re-live again and again.  you will simply give in and submit to being mind fucked by powerful erotic subliminal, POST HYPNOTIC suggestions and erotic conditioning.

Listen and escape from this world and join a world in which sexy FEMALE aliens have complete control.  Kneel and be subjugated, for you have no other choice.

When I count to ZERO, this star will become dark and you will go into a comatose sleep.  On the count of 10. 9. The light is fading as your brain is fading. 8.7. Floating and losing conscious. Let it go. Let your mind float into My world. 6. 5. The light is dimmer now. Becoming engulfed by blackness. Like your mind. Empty. Mindless. Waiting on My next word. Obeying My words. Obeying Me. 4. 3. The light is so dim. you are feeling so tired. My hypnotic words are overtaking you. This star is so dim now. Not much longer. 2. 1. So tired. The light is almost gone. your resistance almost gone. The light is fading as you are fading… fading. One more number. One more number. You are lost in the infinity of My power and control. No more resistance, just feeling the pleasure of My power. Meet Me in My world now Zero.  Download both the Alien Abduction and FREE Loop, OBEY your SUPERIOR Alien Queen, My abductee.

(Note: For the PLAIN session just request by email)

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Monday, 27 July 2020
Where do i begin? First, my Mistress ordered me to write a review, and i obeyed Her. Sec. But She also said to me that i could light a candle and maybe undress. i followed Her instructi, make sure you are alone, because She will make you scream.
Monday, 29 June 2020
This was a great Story, kinda felt like being in a Movie and i guess if she is an Alien, if Aliens exist i have to be sorry for saying that she is the most beauty on earth, cause then i was wrong the whole time in that case she would be the most beauty in all of Galaxy lol
Monday, 22 June 2020
This was a coll and sexy story. It reminded me of a certain video game that i used to play. i would love be abducted by my powerful and irresistable alien Queen.
Sunday, 21 June 2020
A very intense science fantasy file that took me deep down under the control of my Queen, Domina Shelle. Now i feel abducted and jet still tempted to serve this all-mighty Alien-Queen and listen again and again!
Saturday, 20 June 2020
This is yet another example of Domina Shelle's skill as a hypnotist. The description on this website and the opening of the session say exactly what is going to happen, but anticipation and excitement remain because the method is still novel. The session itself doesn't feel excepti
Saturday, 20 June 2020
This explains Domina Shelles consistent hypnotic masterpieces... She is a powerful alien queen capable of capturing your mind completely and subjugating your will as she desires... Mmmm... I was completely unprepared for how powerful this session is and how deeply I went under... This is a must-listen! Domina Shelle will literally take you out of this world! giggles...
Saturday, 20 June 2020
My Alien Queen has captured my mind. Domina Shelle takes you on an incredible journey into Her universe. Complete subjugation is inevitable. To listen is to be changed at a fundamental level. This file is HIGHLY wicked.
Friday, 19 June 2020
I'm still working part time so I was able to listen to this mp3 in the morning. This file is crazy, I swear I was taken down (hypnotized) more than once. Its hard to remember everything. You are abducted, taken on one wild ride. In the end, both of my heads were drained by our Domina. Domina is an incredible story teller. I love and live to serve her more.
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