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Oh, My sweet, sweet baby, what an incredibly emotional week this has been. First, with My family in Tennessee and now, back home with you, My family here. W/we are so closely connected and now it’s time to CELEBRATE My Birthday. you have made this My very best 27th birthday, ever. ~giggles~ And, I thank you for everything you do for Me. you are very dear to Me and I hold you close to My heart.

you are My slave, so devoted to Me. My contracted, where have W/we heard that before? ~giggles~ Enjoy My presents.... And the assignment? If you’ve sent Me a Birthday Gift and not gotten My thank you, get in touch, especially if you sent a package to make sure it was delivered. Thank you for sending Me to the beach. I’m going on the 15th for My well deserved holiday. Yippee!

And, as you might know, I’ve ordered dozens and dozens of yummy oysters. And, with so many amino acids, oysters are known to stimulate Sexual Desire in both men and women. That will take care of stimulating Me.~giggles~


Trilogy of Submission - Honor

And, there is no better way to HONOR Me than to celebrate My Birthday by stimulating you to go all the way with YOUR Erotic Desire for your Domina with this week’s Trilogy of Submission - Honor. you are My slave, passive, mindless, weak and pliable. And with this training session, I will show you that there are so many ways you Honor Me....with Respect...Appreciation…Holding MY desires above all others. you Honor Me when you Mantra your devotion, with your Adoration, when you please and spoil Me.

My puppy, feel the pleasure of having your Domina as your very first thought of every day and then as your last thought before you go to sleep for Me. Live in the arousal of your submission and obedience to Me. Celebrate ME!!!

Summer Sizzlers

And, to help with your adoration to deepen sexual arousal, while you listen to My voice, I have very sexy new Domina Photos - Summer Sizzlers, just for you...


Next week, I should have that SFS chastity slave audio book available.

Finslave, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.

NEXT WEEK I will be feeding a new fetish and addiction...

Check My special deals ~~~

New Releases

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Spend more time with Me. I will often release extra special Triggers through one of these outlets for you, my pet, so pay close attention.

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