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Black Friday Month


My lil labrat, I’m holding off until next week on giving you some very heavy duty Treatments. you love being My guinea pig because you know it always brings you closer to Me. But this week is all about BLACK know I always have a plan for your ongoing training and conditioning to make you a happier slave, because a happy slave is an Obedient slave. ~giggles~. So, save that New session money to pick up a few of this week’s BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL Deals that you don’t already have. you can see how I’ve evolved over time and see anything new you discovered by re-listening about Me, you and about U/us. And keep it within your budget.

Speaking of BLACK FRIDAY DEALS, do not miss out on the next few days. I’ll FREE your MIND with My supreme authority...Do you remember Fait Accompli?...Lots of surprises coming your way ...Oh wow, I have worked very hard on your programming.

Last weekend was so super busy for Me that I took the longest time to set up the weekend Website. Maybe I have to pull back a bit. I always remind you of the importance of maintaining a sustainable, long term relationship. Maybe I need to take My own advice. So on occasion, I may take a break from putting out a New session. But you’ll have your “slave training” library to fill in the gap. PLUS, I am INSISTING on going back to ONLY Friday and Saturday at the hospital. No more Sundays.


Thanksgiving Day is becoming Thanksgiving Weekend. It seems to work out for our family to have our Thanksgiving dinner this Sunday. I am so excited already...I plan to run extra Sunday. YES, I’ll be eating a LOT of good food. you will be included in all the things that I am THANKFUL for.


W/we adopted another family to help for this Christmas like W/we have in the past. Here are the details on how W/we can help the parents get presents for their 4 children with Amazon gift cards from Shelle's Wish List for the gift cards that will be for O/our adopted family. I think this makes it so much easier for us all. No decisions to make...just purchase a card.


That time of year When I start putting together My annual retirement fund. This not only lets Me save for My future, but also allows Me to deduct that amount from My income and save on taxes I pay as an individual and as a business. I’m explaining this because My future is with you. I don’t expect to be supported in a live-in two income household. It’s you who are going to give Me the life of a true Princess. haha...My knight in shining armour with a Challenge to Please contribution...

In case you missed last week’s Blog, take a look at it for updates you might have missed.

NEXT WEEK Let’s play with Poison Ivy.

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